Our Story

 You were designed to lead an inspired life.
So was our jewelry.

Who would have thought that holding plank position for
what seemed like half of forever would lead to the creation of Momentum Jewelry?

Well, that's exactly how it happened.


The founder of Momentum Jewelry was in the middle of her favorite gym class, stuck in a plank that just wouldn't end. While searching for something to look at to take her mind off of how awful planks were, her eyes fell on her poor, naked wrists. It was then that she combined my more than 20 years of jewelry making experience with my love of being healthy and my need to spread a message of encouragement and positivity.

We all need little boosts of encouragement throughout our days, and not just during a rough workout. Maybe it's taking on those day-to-day challenges or making choices to help us on our path to self-improvement, or even when we're tackling all that comes with being a busy parent, I feel it's so important to know that support and motivation is always only an arms length away.

Over the years we've grown from more than just a workout-friendly jewelry company that offers motivational sayings to people looking to be inspired. As our products have expanded from our signature Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes to our popular mySPARKs and mini SPARKs. We've watched a whole community of people from a variety of backgrounds grow and tackle their greatest achievements with the help of jewelry created just for them.

Seeing and hearing the stories our jewelry have been a part of has been nothing short of breathtaking. Our fans have shown us that no challenge is too big or too small for just the right words of wisdom and we are humbled to have our jewelry taken on so many glorious adventures at home and around the world!