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    Got questions? Are they Frequently Asked? If you like, give our list of below a quick perusal.
    Of course, if you do not find that which you seek (or just want to chat), feel free to drop us a line at momentum@beinspiredbrands.com

    How do I put on the Motivate Wrap™?

    One of the reasons we love the Motivate Wrap™ is that besides being super-comfortable, it fits *any* size wrist! There are no clasps to worry about, just loop it around your wrist until it's just right.

    How do I wear the FootNotes™?

    Protip: Lace them on in half the time by by only unlacing *one* side of your shoelaces and then sliding the FootNote™ on!

    Will my jewelry tarnish?

    Our aluminum pendants (used in the majority of our jewelry) will not tarnish.

    Copper will naturally tarnish over time. Storing your copper jewelry in an airtight plastic bag may help. We also recommend using the jewelry polishing cloth that we include with these pieces to maintain their bright, beautiful shine.
    Our new mini SPARK bracelet is .999 fine silver or 24k gold electroplated over a pewter pendant and will tarnish over time.  We recommend protecting from sprays, detergents, and lotions and not completely submerging in water to help prolong the lifespan of these pieces.

    Is it okay to get my jewelry wet?

    Absolutely! However, although the pendants will not be damaged, in order to prolong the color and lifespan of the wraps and cuffs we recommend removing your jewelry before doing dishes or otherwise working with detergents and chemicals. Please note: NO jewelry should be worn in chlorinated swimming pools! Pool chemicals are very harsh - if it can eat your swimsuit, it will destroy your jewelry too!

    The Motivate Wraps™ are hand-washable in cold water, simply hang to dry.

    While our new mini SPARK bracelets can get wet, please be aware that repeated exposure could hasten the tarnishing of the electroplated 24k gold and .999 fine silver exterior.


    Why do some of your pieces use aluminum rather than Sterling Silver?

    We've done a lot of work with Sterling Silver - we LOVE silver! However, there are some very convincing advantages to using aluminum for this sort of jewelry. The material is extremely lightweight, doesn't tarnish, can get wet with no effect, and is hypo-allergenic, even more so than Sterling! Of course, these pros don't come without a con or two. The main disadvantage being that the metal is quite soft, and may scratch over time.
    Additionally, it has been said that Napolean (yes *that* Napolean) only allowed his most honored guests to use his new utensils, made out of an extraordinarily light and expensive metal, aluminum. The rest of his guests had to do with - *sigh* - pure gold.
    So let's party like it's 1799!

    Will my jewelry look exactly like the photos shown?

    Just as no 2 snowflakes are exactly alike, your customized piece may look slightly different from those shown on our website. Expect slight variations in the letter placement or alignment. As jewelry artists, we strive to make each piece look beautiful!