Our Momentum Story

Let’s face it: We could all use a personal cheerleader, propelling us on through the obstacle course of life. 


Whether you’re training for a physical feat or just trying to make it to the coffeemaker in the morning, physically and emotionally, you need support and motivation within arm’s reach.



Our true momentum began when founder, Amy Cochrane, was holding a plank.  You know the kind – there’s a lot of time to think. Her eyes looked down to her wrists and, in a light-bulb moment, she knew she needed a motivational message where she could see it when she needed it most. 



Because when we feel healthy, strong, and inspired, we make the world a better place. 

Combining more than 20 years of jewelry design with her love of good health and sharing positivity, she launched Momentum’s unique line of active jewelry.  Proving encouragement is contagious, it quickly grew to encompass a full line of products and an incredible social network that shares the spark 24/7.



Momentum’s jewelry is so unique that it has its own patent – and it’s specially chosen, full-of-inspiration, lovingly-handmade-in-the-USA, designed to be your right-hand inspiration is proof that good things come in small packages.

As we watch fans tackle challenges big and small, accenting their best adventures with our words and jewelry, we’ve learned all it takes is one person willing to share the spark to ignite a flame of positive change.