mySPARK Subscription Box FAQs

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What kind of bracelet is in the box?
While each of the 3 bracelets for each season is secret (you won’t know the color of the bracelet or the word(s) until you open your box!), we can tell you that each will be a colorful stretch stackable letter bead bracelet.  The letter beads are acrylic and the beautifully colored Czech glass beads are sure to delight! 
Wear & Care:
Please be aware that although the mySPARK bracelets can keep up with your busy life and can be worn as activewear, the beads will experience a higher rate of wear.  Over time, sweat, water, and lotions/sprays can work to wear off the coating on the beads and speed up the patina/tarnishing process.  This is especially true of the metal elements, in particular the star bead.
How many shipments will I receive?
You will receive 3 separate shipments when you purchase a seasonal mySPARK subscription (around the 1st of each month for 3 months).  Each box will have 1 bracelet inside (color and saying is a surprise!) and you can wear each one on its own while you collect the rest over the 3 months to assemble a beautiful stackable trio.
Can I order more than one subscription?
Yes!  Order one for yourself, send another as a gift!  Just make sure to complete each order as its own transaction, without any other items in the order.  We will use the shipping address from the order to send each month’s box.  If you would like to purchase other items, please do so in a separate transaction.
Can I gift someone a subscription?  
YES!  The mySPARK seasonal subscription box makes a wonderful gift!  As explained above, just make to order as its own transaction, making sure the double-check your recipient’s shipping address when you place the order.
Can you deliver to addresses outside the USA?  
Unfortunately, we are not able to ship the mySPARK box to addresses outside the USA due to high postage costs, the potential for additional customs charges, and now the delayed and interrupted international shipping service due to Covid-19.  We apologize for this disappointment!
What if my address changes?
Please let us know as soon as possible if you have a change of address.  Otherwise, all 3 boxes will be shipped to the address on the order.
How do I know what size to order?  
Do your best to accurately measure your wrist (see instructions below) and then refer to our size chart (below) to figure out what size will fit best. 
To measure your wrist:  wrap your wrist snugly (not too tight, but no slack) with a flexible sewing measuring tape or thin strip of paper/ribbon.  Make sure to measure just above the wrist bone, but before the hand, in the “bendy” part of your wrist.  Then measure the marked length against a measuring tape or ruler.
What if my bracelet doesn’t fit?  
We know you’ll want to wear your first bracelet as soon as you receive it!  Try it on for size and if you have any issues, please email us right away at:  We will have you send the first bracelet back and then will send you the correct size with your 2nd shipment that will be going out the next month (so, you’ll receive bracelet #1 and #2 in box 2).
By measuring your wrist as accurately as possible when you order, most sizing issues should be able to be avoided.
Follow these instructions to accurately measure your wrist,
to ensure ordering the correct size: