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    SPARK Blog

    Momentum Ambassadors Reveal New Fall Collection

    Apples, pumpkins and...new Momentum Motivate Wraps! Fall is here, bringing with it our newest collection of inspirational jewelry. Five new sayings, five on-trend colors. We might be biased, but we think you'll want all of them. To help us convince you, we chose eleven of our official Momentum Ambassadors to make the big reveal. Head on over to Instagram and check out what these ladies have done with the new Fall collection:

    Marissa Lee   /   Bridget Hammond   /   Julie Abbott

    Blair Harter   /   Jennifer Chung   /   Kathy Loannou

    Jenn Voss   /   Meridith Daniel   /   Heidi Liggett

    Sarah Schaap   /   Christine Cassar

    Guest Post: Find Your Fitness #beyoutiful

    On Wednesday, October 18th, Momentum will be joining forces with Handful Activewear to celebrate National Love Your Body Day in a unique and visually powerful way. Our BE YOUtiful campaign will encourage everyone everywhere to reclaim the beauty and power within. To get ready, we'll be sharing a series of inspirational blog posts from BE YOUtiful women. Today, we bring you Oneisha Lee from Shape Your Bliss.

    Fitness is hard. It takes work to stay healthy. From eating as clean as possible to finding a fun and effective workout to staying motivated, it's not something that will ever be easy. if you are anything like me, you are constantly scrolling through social media sites, finding before/after photos and thinking to yourself, "she looks so good now, I wish I looked like her."

    Of course, we shouldn't compare ourselves, but social media is a huge part of our life and it's truly too easy to fall into that trap.

    For the last couple of years, I struggled to find the right workout for me. My friend told me about a program that is incredibly popular, and the community on Instagram is unlike anything I've ever seen. Everyone is so supportive of one another, and their transformation photos are incredible. To be honest, the photos motivated me. Everyone looked "perfect" and I felt that if I did the workouts, then I would achieve this ideal body type.

    I gave it a go sometime last year, but never finished it. I tried three more times, but it never hooked me. Suddenly, I felt like an absolute failure, and the success stories made me feel worse. I did some self-searching, and after a few months, I realized that I lied strength training. I really admired the women who were weightlifting.

    Now, every single body type is beautiful, but it's important to figure out what is meaningful to you. As soon as I realized that I wanted to focus on lifting and getting stronger, I got to work.

    The next few weeks were truly difficult. Gyms had always terrified me, but with a definitive goal in mind, I was committed to doing anything and everything required of me to meet my goals. I joined my local gym—gyms had always been a foreign concept to me. I felt like everyone was watching and judging me. To say that I was self-conscious would be a huge understatement. Nevertheless, I was committed and I quickly realized that the community at my gym was really strong.

    So I kept working out. I experimented with all of the equipment, and eventually did my first-ever assisted pull-up. The transformation has been incredible.

    Although my body continues to shape up nicely, I have also transformed on the inside. My confidence is at an all-time high and I feel fantastic. I have so much energy throughout the day, and I am happier now, too. The gym has become my happy place. It makes me feel good. I am proud of my body and all that it can do.

    Like every woman, I still get self-conscious when I take photos. By no means do I think that I look perfect, but I have learned to be kinder to my body. I have also learned patience because the fitness journey is a long one. Results take time—but they don't mean anything if the process doesn't make you happy. 

    Your body is capable of doing so much. Regardless of what it looks like now, you have the power to transform it. So love your body. Cherish it deeply, and thank it every day for keeping you alive and healthy.

    Join Oneisha and women everywhere on Wednesday, October 18th for National Love Your Body Day. Download your free BE YOUtiful poster and help us show the world what it means to live a positive life full of self-love.

    BE YOUtiful with Handful Activewear and Momentum Jewelry!

    On the 18th of October, Momentum will join forces with Handful Activewear to celebrate National Love Your Body Day in a unique and visually powerful way. Our BE YOUtiful campaign will encourage everyone everywhere to reclaim the beauty and power within. Ultimately, it's all about YOU—your own gifts, your true beauty and your inner strength.

    We want you to let your unique light shine brightly. When you do that, we firmly believe that you will live up to your very own potential. Following our dreams allows each of us to have the greatest impact on that which surrounds us, sending ripples of positivity out in far-reaching ways.

    Our BE YOUtiful campaign is about pushing back against a world that passes judgement and measures people against an "ideal" standard that isn't realistic. And quite often, it's hurtful. Together, Momentum and Handful Activewear want to encourage you to be authentic and true. When you allow yourself this freedom, you exhibit true beauty.

    You are beautiful. 

    You are powerful.

    And you are enough.

    Help us make sure everyone everywhere knows that this is true. Help us redefine what it means to be beautiful. Help us create a movement that will inspire others to BE YOUtiful.

    Your goal: Believe in yourself, and always work to be the best version of YOU.

    Join us on Wednesday, October 18th—get ready by downloading your free BE YOUtiful poster! Be sure to stock up on exclusive campaign wrist wraps, too! And then, on October 18th, share an image on Facebook, Twitter and (or) Instagram that exhibits your BE YOUtiful self. 

    Until then, check the Momentum Blog for stories and insights that support the BE YOUtiful campaign. Be sure to follow Momentum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too! 

    The amazing women from the Wild Bruce Chase Team set to race the Rideau Trail tomorrow!

    On Canada Day (this Saturday, July 1st) 11 of the amazing women from the Wild Bruce Chase, will undertake a new record-setting adventure!  

    In 2016 the Wild Bruce Chase Team completed the Bruce Trail (approx. 900k!) in a record-setting 4 days, 1 hour and 39 minutes!  

    They shared a custom Momentum Motivate Wrap for that impressive journey, passing off to the next runner for each leg of the journey.  

    Their Motivate Wrap changed hands 67 times over the 4 days of racing! It has travelled the entire Bruce Trail, end to end!



    Tomorrow, to mark the country's 150th Anniversary, they are attempting an end-to-end race of the Rideau Trail.  This 300K+ route from Ottawa to Kingston is wild and rugged, with some sections of the trail buried under 2- to 3-feet of water!  

    We are honored that their beloved Motivate Wrap will accompany them on this adventure, as will some 'be BRAVE' SPARKlets.

    You can follow their progress towards their goal of finishing in 30 hrs on Instagram @WildBruceChase.

    Read more about their epic undertaking here: http://runningmagazine.ca/wild-bruce-chase-rideau-trail-attempt/