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    What is a Momentum SPARK Crew?  It's all about small groups of enthusiastic motivators  - these are people who know how to really WHOOP IT UP and make it a PARTY!  These are people who shine brightly with positivity and care deeply about promoting an encouraging and uplifting community.

    Our SPARK Crews have been scattered around the country and make appearances at local races or events - passing out special "you got this!" SPARKlets as spontaneous acts of encouragement to complete strangers.

    Imagine this:  you're at the 10-mile mark of your half-marathon and a SPARK Crew member hands you this encouraging token - now you're ready to smash through any hurdles that stand between you and the finish line!

    From the Twin Cities Marathon - SPARK Crew Adventures...

    I ran the Twin Cities Marathon this past Sunday and just want to seriously thank whoever gave me the SPARKlet sometime after mile 20. I was struggling at that point and always appreciate the cheers, orange slices and candy that spectators give out, but this was so thoughtful and generous that I wanted to make sure to express my gratitude beyond the quick thanks I tried to shout back as I went by. I did glance down at it several times in those last few miles to motivate me to keep pressing through. Thanks again!  Much appreciated, Tammy