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    What if I live outside the USA?

    We are setting aside a small number of kits for International Ambassadors. 

    Unfortunately, due to continued issues with shipping due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to guarantee delivery times.   We are also now sadly unable to ship to the UK, since the Brexit rules require us to have a VAT tax account number.

    Please also be aware that you may be responsible for paying additional customs taxes on your shipment, depending on which country you live in.



    Woohoo!  I got a kit!  What do I have to do now that I’m a 2021 Momentum #sharetheSPARK Ambassador?

    Hooray!  We’re so excited to have you join our Team!  We’ll be packing up your kit and getting it sent out in the next day or two!  Please also be on the lookout for an email with your badge and additional information, which we’ll be sending next week.

    As a #sharetheSPARK Ambassador, all we ask of you is that you share at least 1 of your Motivate Wraps with other people – giving it to someone who you’d like to encourage or give a little additional support to. 

    When you share, we'd love to see!  Make sure to tag us @momentumjewelry and tell us what State you're in - we will be watching the SPARK as it travels around! 🌟


    Length of term:

    The #sharetheSPARK Ambassador commitment is approximately 1 month long (March 2021).  It centers around our #sharetheSPARK campaign, which will run March 7th - March 14th, 2021. 



    Why don’t you have the application process anymore?

    Our Team here at Momentum is fairly small and we unfortunately have to limit the number of Ambassadors that we can accommodate every year.  In previous years, we’ve only been able to accept 10-15% of total applicants and the process has been really tough because SO MANY of you are so deserving and exemplify our brand’s mission and spirit.  The hope is that by eliminating the application, we are able to open up the field a little more fairly to everyone.


    What if the kits are already all sold out?

    Since we only have a limited number of kits, there is a strong chance that they will sell out quickly.  But don’t worry, you can still be a part of the #sharetheSPARK movement!  As in previous years, we will be offering our #sharetheSPARK Motivate Wraps during our #sharetheSPARK campaign (March 7-14th) at our lowest prices yet to help facilitate the sharing with others!


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