Happy *almost* 4th of July SPARKlet BLOWOUT SALE!
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    Thanks to all who share their story with us.  YOU are the reason that we do what we do! 
    We love to hear that we are making a difference.  Have something on your mind?  Drop us a line at Sandy@designsthatmoveyou.com


    I just wanted to send a note and say thanks for creating such powerful and cool jewelry. I'm sure people share their stories with you all the time but thought I'd tell you my latest Momentum adventure. I meet a lot of incredible women through IG and I'm always honored when they say I help to inspire them to workout or take on a new challenge. One of these amazing women sent me a direct message asking if she could send me a thank you gift for always encouraging her... long story short, it was one of your bracelets. It said "You've got this". I was so touched and put it on immediately. The very next weekend I had my hardest training days of 2016 (riding over 220 miles on the bike, running 15 miles and swimming over 10K yards in the pool). There were moments when I wasn't sure I'd make it but I kept looking down at that message on my wrist and I knew I could keep going.   So... thank you for connecting, encouraging and celebrating women everywhere. I'm definitely ordering a few for my race team.  Keep up the great work!  - Elizabeth   


    I love my "Strong is the new BEAUTIFUL" bracelet so much that I just ordered my mother-in-law a bracelet.  She just had lung cancer surgery and I bought her the new Sparklet, "positive ENERGY" to keep her uplifted through her recovery.  I love your products!! My "Yes! you can" footnotes have helped get me through several 5ks and a 15k.   - Pamela


    I fell in love with the message first, then the jewelry. My first wrap was the "Live Fearlessly" wrap. As a female I want to LIVE my life and EXPERIENCE all that I can. I don't want to let fear get in the way and I want to inspire other girls to do the same. My second wrap says, "She believed she could so she did." I believe that running, and life in general, is as much about mental and spiritual toughness as it is physical. I have many running goals for this year, including my first 50 miler and 100k, and I believe I can. In my first ultramarathon, I told myself repeatedly that I could do it. And I did.   - Jessica


    I want to give a shout out to all of you. My bracelet arrived today and I love it. First saw your product at the Princess expo at the Fellow Flowers booth. I didn't purchase right away and when I went back they were gone. Needless to say I was totally stoked when I found the website.  - Heather


    ..... Because Momentum jewelry keeps me from getting more tattoos! Ha! Seriously, though, I do love words and I think positive self-talk is a huge catalyst to a person's success. As a runner, cyclists, and struggling swimmer, (not to mention all my other roles: busy mom, teacher, etc.) it's very important to me to stay positive, always be grateful, and find the humor in (sometimes) not so humorous situations.  - Stephanie


    I have loved Momentum Jewelry for a few years now and all that you stand for. I wear Dream Big on my favorite running shoes and have passed along bracelets to those that inspire me. Uplifting and motivating are what women should be doing for each other and I live daily with that in mind. - Nicole


    I just wanted to let you know that I received my bracelets the other day and am very impressed at not only the speedy delivery but the quality of your product!  I was very excited to show my co-workers the awesomeness that is your product.  I can tell you that you have a new customer for life now and am trying to figure out what I want my next set of bracelets to say.  - Becky


    I have been following you on Instagram for quite some time now and am blown away by how wonderful and positive this company is! A few days ago I just finished my second and final ankle surgery. My injury at the end of last year prevented me from completing my 50th race and 11th half marathon. I am now officially cleared to begin running again on April 8th and get back to chasing dreams and running the miles. I decided to use your motto and be my own cheerleader. This bracelet will be a reminder to keep pushing even when physical therapy gets tough or I am in pain. Thank you for all the support, well wishes, and happiness you have spread through social media and the running community, it doesn't go unnoticed!  - Alicia


    GREAT item and service. My request was responded to so quickly, and the item shipped just as fast. The shoe charms themselves are exactly what I was looking for, and are great quality. Would recommend to everyone who's looking for some motivation!  -Emily


    My goods arrived in NZ today - super fast and secure postage.  Just wanted to say how beautiful your pieces are in 'real life' - even more comfortable and sport-friendly than I imagined. I'm gutted I won't be able to wear mine until I give my Christmas gifts!  Thanks again for such excellent customer service and such a fantastic product - I expect I will be a repeat customer many, many times in the future.  - Lindsay