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    SPARK Blog

    This is your moment: Appreciate the little moments.

    As we continue to celebrate the launch of our new Fall Collection of Motivate Wraps, we focus on all the moments you collected throughout your lives. Every moment counts, and adventure and growth lie within all the steps we take to make those moments happen. All of these moments have their place in your life. Even the bad moments, the setbacks that frustrate us...they're important moments, too. Today, we're going to talk about the small moments. Tiffany is here to tell you that they matter, too. Consider them your "B-roll." Let her explain:

    Sunday, September 17, 2017: It was a bright, unseasonably warm fall morning that would have simply blended in with the rest of them except for one small detail—I was training for my first marathon and this was day one. I laced up, planned my course, got my adrenaline pumping, and set out on what would prove to be an absolutely gut-wrenching, exhausting, slightly embarrassing four miles. But I did it. No excuses, I just went out and gave it everything I could.

    Friday, December 22, 2017: It was week 14 of my 16-week training program and a massive snow storm was scheduled to hit on Sunday, the day I was scheduled to run my longest run ever—20 miles. In an effort to avoid the snow storm, I decided to capitalize on the comparatively warm (36 degrees) weather and took a half-day off work to get my miles in. My husband had the day off, so we found a new course, dropped water, loaded our belts with nutrition and took off. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever had more fun on a training run than I did on this one. Oh, I was in pain, but this seemingly small moment has been etched into my brain forever.

    Sunday, January 7th, 2018: I crossed the finish line of my first marathon at the most magical place on earth, but none of it would have been possible without the moments leading up to it. Believe me, there were good days, plenty of bad days, days when 14 miles felt like 6 and 4 felt more like 20. The medal I earned for that big moment was so much more than the 4.5 hours I spent running around Disney property.

    Do you remember your greatest moments? How about the ones that got you there? Every little adventure (or mis-adventure) that paved the way for you to achieve your moment? So often we only focus on achieving the big moments that we forget to appreciate the little ones each and every day.

    As a result of our social media-driven culture, many people only see our highlight reels—the moments that represent the pinnacle of our days, months, and years of hard work that build up to a single moment that everyone sees. I challenge you to think about your “B-roll” (the supporting footage intercut with the main shot). You should rejoice in the big moments, but also take time to reflect on all of the little moments that got you there: the people that helped you, the training runs that you fought through, the late nights you spent working on a project, the moments that inspired you to go for it.

    As we move into fall, a time for reflection, I invite you to consider your path this year. How are those goals coming that you set in January? Have you achieved your moment? Are you on track? Have you failed at something this year? Have you succeeded? Honestly, I hope you’ve done both because the experiences build you to your moment. If you’re not where you thought you would be right now, you have the power to change your path and achieve your moment. Maybe your goal has changed—and that’s okay. Every single moment has a place in your story. You just have to go for it.

    Just remember to be kind to yourself as you reflect and re-focus your energy this fall. And please remember: your moment doesn’t always have to be a finish line—it can be the little moments in between that affirm why we do what we do; moments that challenge us to grow. Appreciate every single moment because each and every one of them is uniquely yours.

    We want to see your "B-roll." Follow @momentumjewelry (and Tiffany, too) on Instagram and tag your photos with #momentumjewelry so we can celebrate your little moments. (We'll celebrate your big moments, too!) Need inspiration? Shop our new fall collection. 

    This is your moment: Learn to embrace the setbacks.

    Right now, we are celebrating you and all of your moments. We believe that now is the time for you to focus on all of the things you want to achieve, and our new collection of Motivate Wraps was designed to keep you inspired. In fact, we believe that it's never a bad time to embrace your moments. Even when the journey toward those moments is filled with setbacks. Back in January, Kelli from Run Happy Eat Happy shared her 2018 goals on our blog. Today, she's back with an update—and a message for you about overcoming setbacks:

    I like to think that I am tough, that I am brave and that I can overcome any challenge that is put in my way. I find myself driven by overcoming challenges, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t also find myself in doubt. Especially when it comes to marathon training. Am I capable of achieving my goal time? Am I getting injured? Should I choose a slower goal time? Those are just a few of the many questions running through my mind during a typical marathon training cycle. Reflecting on this now, I realize that I have never really, fully embraced the amazing journey that I am on so that starts here.

    I ran two marathons earlier this year and I can admit that neither race was my moment. Through that journey, I trained hard, overcame one injury and was ultimately happy with the outcomes. Deep down, I knew that I could do bette—that I could be better.

    I knew that training for the California International Marathon could be the answer that I was looking for. I was not planning on running a third marathon this year—in fact, I was feeling pretty burned out after the other two. I just had a feeling that this could be my moment for the year, so I signed up right away. Unfortunately, I immediately began to doubt that initial feeling as things seemed to be piling up around me.

    I learned that my mom needed surgery to hopefully rule out cancer. I was also learning to deal with more stress and less sleep at home with our new puppy. I also stumbled upon my second injury of the year. Training for this next marathon was starting to become the least of my worries and my excitement was quickly fading away.

    Luckily, I remembered this one thing that my yoga teacher always said:  “ignite your fire within." It always inspired me. I knew that I had the courage within me to overcome the stress and mental setbacks that I was experiencing. I just needed to find it. There are many things in life that we can’t control and sometimes we need to stop worrying about those things and accept them for what they are. Of course, I would still worry from time to time, but once I began to accept my setbacks, I found that my excitement to embrace my journey, and life in general, never faded and was always there within me.

    I am currently still in the process of this amazing journey that I am on, accepting my setbacks and embracing my moment. One of my favorite Motivate Wraps describes this perfectly: “adventure awaits.”

    ...and I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store for me!

    And we can't either! One of the things we love so much about our #momentumjewelry community is that each one of you is constantly pushing toward adventure, and ultimately having moments...multiple moments...that "ignite the fire within" you to keep moving. And ultimately, inspiring others. So remember, setbacks spring you forward. Embrace them. Remember your "why" and add moment after moment to your awesome list of memories. 

    Need an extra dose of motivation? Shop the new collection of Motivate Wraps HERE

    This is your moment: Every moment has its place.

    Here at Momentum, we are currently celebrating our moments. We think you should, too. Whatever your dreams are, whatever goals you have, and all those items on your "someday" list—we believe that it's time for you to take action. To start where you are and simply begin. But we get how hard that can be. So over these next few days, we'll be sharing a series of blog posts from our ambassadors that will help you define (and chase down) your own special moment. Up first, Amanda from The Running Señora. She's here to help you understand that every moment has its place:

    School started, and we are suddenly reminded that only a handful of months remain in the year.  If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve revisited your that list you made on that snowy day back in January where you set your sights on some big goals for 2018.  You have trained hard with great effort and perhaps you’ve already celebrated your accomplishments.  Thinking back, those were your moments, and you are proud of them.  Moving forward, you’re excited and somewhat overwhelmed wondering how, in these last months of 2018, you can do enough to victoriously embrace more of those moments.  But…life.

    The busyness of our days seems to drown us at times because we are pulled in all directions.  Most days, we can lose hope that we won’t ever be able to have another one of those moments—the ones that bring joy and pride—for a long time.  I know this because that’s exactly how I feel sometimes.

    I am a wife to a traveling salesman, a mother of two young and active daughters, a musician, a teacher of all things (preschool and high school Spanish and violin), and a “professional recreational runner” who loves to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to move and be joyful.  I love the community within my home, church, and neighborhood.  I require much rest, fueling, and recovery in my intense training.  My days are filled to the brim, overflowing with to-dos that never get scratched out.  The life around me is busy.

    Many of you would probably say the same thing about your schedules.

    It has taken some time for me to come to this realization:  It’s okay to be busy. It’s okay to enjoy life and the things that fill it up.  It’s okay to lavishly pour love into the people around you.  And it’s even more okay to put motion into your passions.  “Saying no” and “taking it easy” aren’t natural phrases in our vocabulary on most days of the week—and that’s okay.

    So if it’s okay for us to be busy, what does it looks like to put our heart and soul into our families, work, AND dreams?  Do we have to give up something to gain something else?  Do we resign to the idea of not having a social life so we can train for those athletic goals?  Does our family have to suffer because we put so much time and effort into our job or hobbies?

    My response is simple: NO.  Someone once told me that “life is a balance of all the precious things.  You give and you take away, and eventually you settle on what matters most.”  But the older I’ve gotten and the more I have experienced, I’ve come to realize that life isn’t about balance.  We don’t have to put our work, family, and hobbies on an even scale, nor do we have to sacrifice (time, sleep, money, relationships) in order to embrace our big moments.  That mentality can be so oppressive and can keep us away from living out our dreams, whatever they are.

    Instead, we should figure out how it can all work together.  I like to view the 24/7 rush hour days filled with carpooling, fixing lunches, teaching children, cleaning house, working hard, paying bills, AND intensely training for an NYC qualifying half marathon as more of a harmony—all the things that drive me are mixed together seamlessly in life.   It is an effort of simultaneously combining all those aspects to create a day that functions and allows for achievement. 

    I love that I can sleep, train, work, inspire, and laugh with family and friends through each compartment of life.   Each has its place in the day, nothing overpowers the other, and they all thrive off one another.  With this in mind, I chase down my goals, I celebrate them, and I embrace my moments with joy.

    And you can, too.  Take these months ahead to create that harmony in your life so that you can celebrate 2018 proudly.  Remember, this is YOUR moment!

    ...and to that, we add that it's time you "get up and go!" Check out this, and two other brand-new Motivate Wraps in our new Fall Collection. Be sure to follow Amanda on Instagram, and check out Momentum, too. Tag #momentumjewelry so we can see you chase down your special moments.

    This Is Your Moment: The Fall 2018 Motivate Wrap Collection

    We spend so much of our time focusing on other people—that's not a bad thing, but there is one person that needs your attention, maybe even more than anyone else. Who? It's you. And our new Fall Collection of Motivate Wraps is here to remind you of that fact. 

    It's time to get up and go.

    Today is your day. 

    Make it about progress over perfection. 

    Why? Because you're so worth it. And you deserve it. Also, because we're here to believe in you, too. Every single Motivate Wrap we create is made with lightweight, non-tarnishing materials and a healthy dose of inspiration—stay tuned, our Ambassadors will be featuring these new Motivate Wraps on Instagram. Follow @momentumjewelry and #momentumjewelry to keep up with the fun (and possibly some giveaways, too)!

    Plus, we've got a great lineup of blog posts coming your way. 

    This is your moment. We feel it. Do you?


    Guest Post: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

    Many thanks to Neal Donald Walsch for a classic quote that speaks to many. Comfort zones exist, and getting outside them makes magic happen. We love seeing our Ambassadors push beyond their own comfort zones to achieve their biggest dreams, or to experience life from a different perspective. Today, Janelle is sharing her story with you, too:

    Most people consider it crazy. Spending 36 hours in a van while running a 200-mile relay race. No sleep. No showers. Six sweaty women, plus a sweaty driver. Sound miserable? Actually, it was the event of a lifetime.

    Last year, a member of our run club was diagnosed with cancer. She has remained so incredibly strong and positive through her journey and treatments, and six women from our club decided to dedicated their Ragnar Relay to her. Struggling to each run 30 miles over the course of two days with no sleep would be nothing compared to what she would be battling over the next year.  When they asked me to be their driver, I immediately agreed.

    We decided our team name would be "All Kinds of Strong" (although, it should have been called "All Kinds of Crazy"). We drove our 12-person van to Lancaster to begin the race on Friday morning at 5:00am, and we finished in the Pocono Mountains on Saturday around dinner time. Between the lack of sleep and constant running, our team battled GI distress the entire time. We survived on whatever we could get down—peanut butter and jelly, pasta salad, soft pretzels and Coke. Let me tell you, Coke was our savior! None of us are soda drinkers, but there is something so satisfying in a Coke that somehow settles your stomach.

    These ladies ran up and down hills all through the night with few complaints. We each had our "moments," but they were short-lived and the remainder of the moments were filled with laughing and singing. We stopped for afternoon ice cream and midnight coffee. They suffered through exposed runs in the blazing sun and through death marches up an incline that could be walked faster than it could be run. They got lost on the course multiple times and we received multiple bear sighting alerts. I ended up running about 15 miles to keep a few of them company on the hills and in the middle of the night. Those hills were no joke! I'm so proud of these six women for pushing themselves, and also for winning their division!

    For anyone that knows me, I need my sleep and I can only sleep in a bed. My family and good friends were shocked that I even considered joining in this (foolish) adventure. You know what? Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. That's where the magic happens. 

    These six women are some of my favorite people, and I would do anything for them. And we would all do anything for our run club family, especially when one is sick and in need. When one struggles, we all struggle and rise up to support each other.

    That right there is my favorite thing about the running community. 

    We want to know: What is your favorite thing about the running community? If you have a story, pitch it to blog@designesthatmoveyou.com, and be sure to tag @momentumjewelry on Instagram. We love hearing about your adventures, and we love seeing our Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes in action.