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    SPARK Blog

    Brooklyn Mom on the Run, Six-Star-Marathoner.

    Written by KC Metz

    When two people meet, and instantly have a connection, I can’t help but think they were meant to have met all along. That’s what it was like when I met Kathy for the very first time close to 3 years ago at the New York Road Runner’s Bronx 10 Miler. 

    “Excuse me, BrooklynMomOnTheRun, it’s me, GoMommyGo, from Instagram!” 

    ...and we chatted as if we’d known each other for years. We ended the conversation with a hug, and left with so much more than the medal we’d come for.  In the blink of eye, after meeting in person for the first time, we’d become each other’s biggest cheerleaders. 

    Kathy was already an amazing ambassador for Momentum Jewelry, and encouraged me to apply for ambassadorship when the time came...which I excitedly did. Shortly thereafter not only were we cheering on each other’s goals, as Momentum Ambassadors together, we were cheering for the goals of so many others as well; small goals, medium goals, and of course, the big goals too. 

    Kathy set the bar high as an Ambassador and as a runner.  When you do a google search for inspirational women...you’re sure to see Kathy’s smile pop up in there somewhere!  The goals she’d set for herself were brave, the biggest of which (as a runner) was to become a Six-Star-Marathoner. 

    A Six Star Marathon Finisher is someone who has completed each of the Six Abbott World Marathons: New York, Boston, Chicago, Tokyo, Berlin, and London; it is appropriately deemed  the “Mount Everest Of Marathon Running.”   This past April 28, 2019, in London, Kathy (aka BrooklynMomOnTheRun) became one of only 5,000 runners worldwide to receive her SIX STAR MEDAL!  

    Kathy from Brooklyn, ran all over the world...running until her dreams became reality!  Kathy from Brooklyn is the biggest cheerleader I’ve ever met; she’s the person you want in your corner cheering for your dreams to come true too! 

    The new Brooklyn Bracelet honors Kathy’s achievement, while encouraging all who wear it to always reach for the stars!

    Congratulations To Our Superstar! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    Epilogue:  This story wouldn't be complete without a recognizing our thoughtful Ambassador KC (@gomommy_go) for being the impetus for this special new commemorative bracelet design!  KC, you're the BEST! 

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    Side note: We can customize just about any product on our website!

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    Some examples of custom jewelry we've made for our customers:

    What's YOUR spark?

    How to Have #aBetterBlackFriday (GIVEAWAY)

    Today is Black Friday. People everywhere are flocking to stores that promise super sales on must-have products, giving everyone hope that Holiday shopping could be completed in just one day. If this day is important to you, we salute you for tackling the crowds—but we here at Momentum are choosing #aBetterBlackFriday. We are choosing to #optoutside.

    Now, this isn't about boycotting commercialism. Instead, we feel it's more about slowing down and enjoying what life has to offer you. Specifically, the people and places around you. Grab those people and #optoutside. Explore nature, not the nearest shopping mall. Even if it's just for half a day. Or even two hours.

    Here are more ways to have #aBetterBlackFriday:

    • Go for a walk, run or just sit in the sun.
    • Enjoy the sun, the sand or even the snow.
    • Find a playground with your kids, or turn it into your gym for the day.
    • Sit on your porch, and just watch the world around you.
    • Go for a swim, then play in the sand.

    Really, it's about getting out into nature in a way that tunes you into the life you live with the people you love. We think that's important. 

    ...and we want to see how you do it. Snap a picture and tag @momentumjewelry on Instagram with #aBetterBlackFriday and #optoutside. Or comment on our #aBetterBlackFriday Facebook post. We'll pick two winners. Each will receive the Motivate Wrap of their choice and a Hydroflask 10 oz. Rocks Tumbler. 

    We truly can't wait to see what you do.

    Now go, have #aBetterBlackFriday.

    You are fearless. You are powerful. You are worthy. #beYOUtiful

    Oh, #beYOUtiful! You have blown us away with your true selves. Our #beYOUtiful campaign stresses the importance of overcoming self doubt, of listening to your innermost power girl and changing her conversation so that it remains positive and encouraging at all times. We believe that each one of you is a fearless, powerful and worthy individual—and through this campaign, we see that you believe that as well. 

    We see your beauty, we read your signs, and we encourage you to keep encouraging others to believe that they are #beYOUtiful, too. If you haven't read them yet, we encourage you to pour a delicious cup of coffee or tea and read through each one of our #beYOUtiful blog posts from the past few days. You will love what some of our amazing  Ambassadors have to say:

    "I am powerful, so are you." by Amanda Stewart

    "You have unlimited power." by Blair Harter

    "I am important (and so are you)." by Ashley Behnken-Sura

    "Take back your power." by Molly Egan

    "Step into your power." by Nina Caballero

    "I am worthy." by Rachel McCluskey

    "What does it mean to be fearless?" by Jenny Schatzle

    "You are worthy of self-care." by Jess Parker