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    SPARK Blog

    Make Every Step Count with Custom Foot Notes

    We started off as a workout-friendly jewelry company. We created products with motivational sayings that provided inspiration—over the years, we've grown. From our signature Motivate Wraps to Foot Notes, SPARKlets and WISH Wraps, we've become the basis of an entire community of people from various backgrounds that grow and tackle their greatest achievements with the help of jewelry created just for them.

    It's true that every product we make is hand-crafted, and we're pretty good at picking out our favorite motivational sayings. However, everyone's motivational needs are different, which is why we're more than willing to customize our products to fit your inspirational needs.

    For example, we want our Foot Notes to make every one of your steps as unique as you are. We can customize one or both the words of your choice. GPS Coordinates for the finish line of your next big race? A mantra you live by? Or maybe a team motto.

    We love team mottos:

    This particular Foot Note was custom made for a basketball team in Australia earlier this year. Their story is fantastic: The U/14G Bulleen Boomers spent almost an entire year together earning their way to the U/14 Club Championships. A big accomplishment, no doubt. Only 24 teams are invited to play in this championship, all of whom are fighting to be the best in the nation.

    They had the skills, they had the drive...they had the team. But every good team needs a mantra. And we put theirs on a custom set of Footnotes. 

    Team 1st. Always 100%.

    This quote united them through every game in their tournament. It was a team message that accurately encompassed what the team was all about. And the Footnotes? Something to remind them of this long after the tournament was over. 

    Did they win it all? 
    Are they U/14 Girls Australian Club Champions? 

    We think that picture says it all. 

    If you or someone you know needs some custom inspiration, let us help! From Foot Notes to Motivate Wraps, we'll work with you to design a piece that will speak loudly at your greatest time of need—and beyond. Please note, custom sayings take 2-3 days for production. This does not include shipping time! Please plan accordingly. 

    Guest Post: How to Stay Mindful Over the Holidays

    Thanksgiving is behind us, but the Holiday season is just beginning! We invited Lauren Seserko of Breathe Deeply and Smile to share her best tips for staying sane over the Holidays. Are you ready? With these tips, you will be: 

    Ready or not, the Holiday season is here! It's a really fun time of year that's full of friends, family, gifts and parties—but the Holidays can also be very stressful. There just aren’t enough hours in the day or weekends of free time, so it's really important to take time to take care of yourself before you get caught up in the joy of giving to others. I love that my Momentum Jewelry serves as beautiful reminders during fitness activities like marathons  and also in my everyday life.

    The mantras on my Motivate Wraps can be especially helpful during the holidays. They offer  reminders to relax, be present and have fun. Here are some of my favorites: 

    Positive Energy: Stick with happy moments and habits. I cherish the 15 minutes each morning that I spend with my cup of coffee, reading the news and flipping through my phone, before I start my day. Whatever will help you start off the day on a good note—you should do that, despite whatever else is on your to-do list for the day. Or, you might consider volunteering your time or making charitable donations during the Holidays. It feels good to help someone else! Put some positive energy out into the world. It will find its way back to you.

    Live Joyfully: Despite it being the “most wonderful time of the year,” I find myself not having much time to enjoy the season. Plan stress-free activities for the Holidays, like attending a show or visiting with friends, or simply driving around to look at Holiday lights. This year, I'm choosing one joyful thing to do each week of the Holiday season. If I don’t schedule these things, the weeks will fly by.

    Also, know that despite the expectations that everything around the Holidays is magical and perfect—you should accept yourself wherever you are in life. Find joy in the journey and stay strong.


    Make It Happen: Despite being able to simplify your life as much as possible, there are things that have to get done. It's easy to get overwhelmed, particularly as the Holidays get closer. Whether you're hosting a Holiday party or have a really long shopping list to tackle, remember that you are strong and amazing. You can accomplish whatever you need to do! Tackle the family dinner, one recipe at a time. Delegate tasks, simplify lists and make a plan. You can make it happen!  

    Just Breathe: Take moments to step back and realize that you don’t have to rush and nothing has to be perfect. The memories your children, friends, or family will have aren’t in the details. Enjoy shopping for others. Enjoy preparing meals and continuing family traditions. No one will notice that the folds on the present you wrapped are a little crumpled or uneven. Remember that the Holidays will come and go in a flash. Just breathe, take care of yourself, and most importantly—give yourself permission to do so.

    Stack your wrist with the wraps above! Each of them are available in Motivate Wraps with the colors of your choosing. With Lauren's advice and a Motivate Wrap on your wrist, we firmly believe it can be the "most wonderful time of year" for you. Got friends to buy for? Consider gifting them one of our new Spark Boxes!

    Guest Post: How to Balance Food and Body Positivity

    Here at Momentum, we are still jumping for joy over the success of our BEYOUtiful campaign. On October 18th, we joined forces with Handful Activewear to celebrate National Love Your Body day—and to encourage everyone everywhere to accept their bodies. But, we get how hard it is to do that. So today, we continue that conversation with Deborah Fisher, a registered dietitian with tips on how to balance the relationship between food and body positivity:


    “I’m fat.” “I don’t want to gain weight.” “I just hate my body.” These are some of the most common phrases I hear as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). As a RDN, people come to me for help with their food and nutrition. It always starts the same: a client says they want to eat healthier and take better care of their body. Then almost without fail, one of the three phrases above is uttered. And all of a sudden, food is no longer a safe topic, but one that brings out anger, sadness, guilt, and numerous other negative emotions. Food is no longer nutrition, it’s an enemy that is fought with on a daily basis. And there I sit with yet another beautiful person that is unable to love their body or food because their body negativity has spread to food negativity.

    This is why body positivity is so dear to my heart. All too often, I see that a lack of body positivity also means a lack of food, nutrition, and the ability to find joy in eating. And similarly, I’ve seen where a lack of food positivity means a lack of love for one’s body, size, and self.

    Food positivity and body positivity go hand-in-hand and are irreplaceable pieces of the same puzzle. Here are three points I share when people are struggling to balance the two:

    1) Weight should never be the main focus. This is probably the single most important truth related to food and body positivity: Weight is literally just a number. It is not the sole indicator of health. Furthermore, an obsession with weight cannot coexist with a food/body positive mindset. Weight fixation will always negatively affect your relationship with food, making it impossible to respect your body through proper nutrition.

    Can you manage your weight and still be food/body positive? Yes. But you need to focus on healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes like eating more fruits and vegetables or committing to walking with your kids each week. Also, you need to make sure your reasons for wanting to manage your weight are related to overall health and wellness, and are not an obsession with the number on the scale or a certain body type.

    2) Nutrition is more than just calories. One of the easiest and most dangerous traps to fall into is making nutrition solely about calories. While calories can be a helpful tool, people struggling with body/food positivity need to avoid making food and nutrition only about calories. Calories are just a snapshot of what your food is actually providing your body. They say nothing about the quality of food you’re eating or the type of nutrition your body is receiving. They can leave you fixated on a number, rather than the big picture.

    A good alternative: Make food about ALL components of nutrition and how it works to make your body beautiful. For example, fats keep skin and nails healthy. Proteins strengthen muscles for running, hiking, and dancing. Vitamins boost your immune system. Minerals keep bones strong and muscles working properly. Focusing on the amazing things that balanced nutrition has to offer your body is a much more positive way to view food.

    3) Diets need to be ditched—completely. It might seem weird for a dietitian to say stop dieting, but diets are not long-term solutions for healthful eating habits. They're also not beneficial for body positivity. Most diets place morality on foods, which means that foods are put in “good” or “bad” categories. This way of categorizing food inherently makes us “good” or “bad” based on what we’re eating. This affects the way we view both food and ourselves, and it’s based entirely on external restrictions placed upon us. Not on what our bodies are telling us they need. Diets also consistently contribute to feelings of guilt, deprivation, and shame—none of which contribute to body positivity.

    Instead of dieting, try responding to your body's natural hunger and satiety cues. Honoring your body when it’s hungry and when it’s satisfied, rather than restricting and overeating, is more conducive to a body positive mindset.

    This list isn’t magical.

    It doesn’t automatically cure a negative body image or relationship with food.

    This is a list of small, practical steps to think over and to try implementing in your own life. They all pave the way for a healthful food/body relationship that can significantly improve food/body positivity.

    One final thing that’s true about being body and food positive: it grants others around you the freedom to do the same. Never underestimate the powerful influence we have over one another. Love your body and love your food, friends.

    Do it for you and for everyone else around you.

    Need a friendly reminder to stay positive? Rectangle motivate wraps with sayings like "positive energy," "yes! you can," and "you are enough" can be there for you. Our handmade jewelry is wearable in just about any situation, and it won't tarnish—just like your awesome spirit and incredible individuality.



    Guest Post: How To Find Momentum When Life Slows You Down

    Momentum is not just a workout-friendly jewelry company. While it's true that we give people a way to wear motivational sayings, our products do more than that. Thanks to an incredible amount of tagging on social media, we've seen people from a variety of backgrounds grow and tackle their greatest achievements with the help of jewelry created just for them. We are honored and humbled by all of this. And today, we are sharing Tasha's story. She moved forward when life wanted to hold her back. Learn from her:

    I live a life that is in constant motion. Two years ago, on a Thursday morning in November, my life came to a complete stop. Everything I thought about life fell into my lap like ashes. I had an injured child, a community evenly split among those who supported and those who judged, and my own heart and mind seemed to stop functioning.  

    Let me first say that my son has made a tremendous and complete recovery. I cannot say the same thing about myself. Day after day, while folded up in a recliner in the corner of his hospital room, I had to make the decision to not just fight for him but to fight for myself. I'll be honest—at times, I lost the battle for myself, which continues to be an ongoing process.

    I want us all to be happy and free forever, so let me offer you my truth. Let me tell you how I pulled my head above water...how I found the strength to go back to doing what I love. Honestly, I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t teach fitness classes or work with personal training clients. I literally loved myself back to health and wellness.

    So...here. Four ways you can conquer life:

    1) Pray. Prepare. Proceed. I am a woman of faith.  Before I made any move, I prayed about it. When my stress levels shot up and my adrenals went out of whack, when my weight fluctuated about ten pounds every week—I had to make so many adjustments. I knew I could not lead the life I had previously led, but my ego told me that I could. And it was wrong. I had to prepare myself to enter back into life as I was at that moment, rather than who I thought I should be. And then I went for it.

    2) Face Your Fear. I knew that in order to function, I had to not be afraid of what people were saying about my son or me. I was on the news and I didn't like it. Reporters had my cell phone number and I didn't like it. I'd go out in public and people would discuss my life in front of me, not knowing it was me they were talking about. I didn't like that, either. But I decided that my son and I were going to be conquerers. I decided to be free of other people's judgement. I knew that I was good at what I did, and that nothing else mattered. But I was still scared. I still wanted to be liked and adored, respected and admired. All of that was on the other side of my fears, so I stepped over and found freedom.

    Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

    3) Know You Are Enough. I felt like a failure as a mother. When that guilt settled in, I started pulling away from commitments to be with my son, and I felt like a failure at everything else, too. I'd fake my way through the day, hugging and talking with friends. But when my son closed his eyes for the night, I'd cry silently and then feel like a failure for not being strong enough. And yet, the more I feel my experiences and stopped trying to run away from them, the more I began to honor myself as a human. I started being gentle with myself. I'd acknowledge that I was doing the best I could, giving it my all. And then I stopped focusing on people who felt otherwise. I'll admit that I still struggle with this from time to time, but I always come back to this thought: "I was created for this moment. I can do this."

    4) Inspire and Empower. One of the things that helped me the most was my effort to continually serve others. When I felt like I was falling into a hole, I sought out people who could use more encouragement than I needed. By lifting up others, we empower ourselves. So by going on with my life, by being honest about my struggles and relentless about getting back to myself—I found a new normal in a community that nurtured my growth to a new level.

    In the end, my advice to you is this: Trust yourself. Keep moving. Keep your love and gratitude meter on high. 

    Tasha teaches us all to believe, endure and achieve. Over here at Momentum, we support that sentiment wholeheartedly. Our "believe, endure achieve" motivate wrap is ready to help you move forward. Shop the whole collection HERE. Be sure to let us know how your wraps keep you moving forward by tagging @momentumjewelry on Instagram.

    Guest Post: Always believe!

    Every Motivate Wrap or Foot Note we create is made to inspire and empower. We hope that our products give you that extra push...that little bit of power you need to get through something difficult. Maybe they keep you moving through an adventure with strength and perseverance. We absolutely love hearing your stories about our products. Today, we'll share one with you. It's from Bridget of Fitness With Bridget. The word "believe" is her mantra, and this is her journey:

    Bridget Hammond

    Two years ago, I signed up to run my second marathon. I completed my first one at the age of 28, and I had no plans to do another one. Doing a marathon was a bucket-list item. I started running when I was 21. It was a form of therapy after I lost my mom to ovarian cancer. Running helped me combat anxiety and depression, but it also made me think I could eat whatever I wanted to, and I gained over 30 pounds.

    So after I crossed the marathon off my bucket list, I started off on a weight-loss journey.

    I began taking group fitness classes for more cross-training, and to have support from like-minded people. This helped me to lose 30 pounds. I felt confident, and I became passionate about health and fitness—so I became a certified fitness instructor to keep myself accountable and to pay it forward. I wanted to help other people on their own fitness journey.

    Fast forward a few years. I got married, had two kiddos, and added "personal trainer" and "online health motivator" to my list of jobs. This allowed me to leave corporate America, after which I began my clean eating lifestyle. I changed my workouts, too. I felt strong, and I was ready for another challenge.

    The Spring before I turned 40, I made a quick decision to sign up for Marathon #2. My goal was to be better at 40 (weighing 40 pounds less) than I was at 28. 

    I trained for five months. Race day came, and I felt ready. I was running a good pace, following the 3-hour/45-minute pacer until I reached mile 18. My IT bands locked up. I let the pacer go by, knowing I needed to just let myself breathe and run slower.

    I listened to my body.

    I struggled big time, but pushed through the pain the best that I could. I thought I lost an hour, it felt like forever. At mile 25, I saw the 4-hour pacer and was so relieved—my goal was to finish between 4:00 and 4:15. I could make it...and I did, in 4:01. I shaved almost an hour off my original time! Despite the pain, quitting was not  an option. And throughout it all, my “Believe” and “26.2” footnotes were a constant reminder that I could keep going...that I could finish, and that stopping was not an option.

    Momentum Footnotes

    My experience in both marathons, and my entire health journey have taught me so much. Most of all, these experiences have taught me to believe in myself. To believe that I can do hard things. That it takes work, but that pushing myself means that I am working on me.

    We all deserve to feel good in our skin. I am no longer training for races, but I am training for life. I will always believe in me—and no matter where you're at in your journey, you should believe that you can do anything.

    It just takes one step at a time.

    Our Foot Notes come in a wide variety of inspirational sayings. Get one, or one for each foot. We can also customize them with your personal mantra. Believe in yourself, and believe in the power of a personal mantra! Bridget is proof of that.