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    Momentum Motivator Caroline Tackles the Incan Trail

    Momentum Motivator Caroline Tackles the Incan Trail

    On Monday, we shared a little about what makes Caroline from "So She Did" tick, but that only scratches the surface on some of the amazing adventures she's had. 

    "I love to travel," she proudly shares.  In fact, she loves it so much that one of the reasons she went to college was to find opportunities to explore the big, wide, world.  And explore she did, as she landed an opportunity to study abroad in Argentina...  Which led her to want to see the sights Peru too.

    When it came time for her and her husband to start picking vacation destinations, she was not at all indecisive.  "My husband and I have an agreement to alternate choosing our destinations, but of course he’s a sweetheart (and I was a bit pushy) so I got first pick!"  And so, Peru it was (and her husband is a total champ, btw).

    During their two incredible weeks surrounded by the wonders of Peru, they challenged themselves to their limits by taking on some of the wildest, most physically demanding excursions there are, all in the name of fun...  Including a grueling, but awe-inspiring, four-day journey along the Incan trail.

    "Our hike was explained to us as 4 days of easy, grueling, astonishing, and the culmination," she says.  Day one she says was the "easy setup" (!) of walking 15k at a low elevation.  But day two, things got serious with a 12k hike and an elevation of 13,776 feet, capped off with a stop at the highest point, called Dead Woman's Pass.  Supposedly it's named because the vista looks like a woman laid to rest, but Caroline observes "I think it was because I was going to die on my way up there."  Um, who can blame her?

    Day three she describes the landscapes and views as some of the most breathtaking sights she'd ever witnessed in her life.  After spending the night in a cloud forest, she hiked along the edge of the Amazon Rainforest, stopped at two scenic waypoints (one of which was so pretty she almost refused to leave), and arrived at the famous Inti Pata just in time for sunset. 

    Finally, on day four, the woke up early and nearly sprinted the final 5k to Machu Picchu...  Only to find that the famous Sun Gate should have been renamed "Cloud Gate."  "We couldn’t see anything!" she said.  Undeterred, they finished their hike and were duly rewarded for all their efforts.  As the day marched on along with them, the sun burned off the clouds and left behind views too beautiful to describe .  Caroline wistfully recalls, "it was beyond incredible.  All the photos will never do it justice.  It is so much larger in real life than I thought it would be."

    The moment wasn't just about gorgeous views and physical challenges, however.  Caroline enjoyed a sense of reverence for all she'd seen and done, and it was a revelation that made the whole journey truly meaningful.  "Walking the Incan Trail there, knowing it was the way the Incan people would take, and that they hid the trail to protect this sacred site is really awesome to think about.  I loved touching the walls and knowing people literally slaved to find rocks or make rocks that fit so perfectly together that they’ve withstood earthquakes, downpours, wind, and, in general, the test of time."

    Caroline was so moved by her whole experience that strongly believes people should get out there and see the sights for themselves.  "Seriously, if anyone has questions about planning their Incan Trail hike – they can even email me at atwoodcc@gmail.com because I need to tell them to do it!"  And with such gorgeous pictures, a fascinating story, and a sense of empowerment that comes with truly pushing yourself to the limit, I can see why! 

    Through it all, there was one major accomplishment that she was able to check off of her list along her journey that made me chuckle...  And I bet you could never guess what it was...

    "My #1 goal for the trip was to touch a llama."  Yup, that's right.  All the things she saw, all the trips she took, all the adventures to be had in Peru, she wanted to touch a llama.  And I'm thrilled to report, she got her wish.  "I also met my new best friend, a llama, (at Inti Pata)," Caroline proudly brags.  "So, goal achieved!"  Woo-hoo for hitting your goals!

    For more about her trip through the Incan Trail, as well as some gorgeous pictures, and some info about some other trips she took during her vacation, be sure to head to her blog "So She Did" and check out her Instagram for even more breathtaking pictures from her amazing journey through Peru.         


    We keep hearing about how we inspire you, be we thought it was time to share how you inspire us!

    Each week we will feature some of the pictures and stories from our fans because we believe the greatest inspiration comes from people who dare to dream big and live out their adventures.

    Would you like to be featured? Email jerusha@designsthatmoveyou.com for more info.

    Have fun,


    Meet Caroline From "So She Did"

    Meet Caroline from So She Did, a gal who loves to travel, believes in the power of positivity, and has learned to embrace all that life has to offer!

    We first ran into Caroline on her funky Instagram account (seriously, the fitness tracker route of her swimming laps is pretty much the most relatable fitness picture ever), but it was the pictures of Caroline's adventures in Peru that really took our breath away.

    She was bitten by the travel bug early, thanks to a family who also loved to travel, and Caroline attended college with a hunger to study abroad.  Her Junior year, she got her wish and spent six incredible months studying in Argentina.

    "After my time in Argentina, I knew I HAD to also go to Peru at some point," she tells us.  "I thought two weeks would get us through the whole country, but we barely hit the tip of the iceberg."

    If she only hit the tip of the iceberg, it was a tip with some pretty insane adventures.  She tackled a 4-day hike along the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu ("The photos will never do it justice!"), kayaked in Lake Titicaca ("The lake is so clear that you can see a dozen feet down to the bottom."), and took a three day adventure tour that consisted of white water rafting in Arequipa ("my favorite!"), mountain biking in the shadow of volcanoes ("my least favorite..."), and sandboarding.

    Are you guys as ridiculously jealous as we are?  She squeezed more into two weeks than some people do their whole lives!

    But it's not just her vacations that make Caroline totally fascinating.

    She's from a small Connecticut town, but considers Columbia, South Carolina home...  Even though right now, she lives in Oklahoma!

    She's originally from a town she compares to Stars Hollow from "Gilmore Girls," only a few hours from both Boston and NYC, but for now she's in Oklahoma.  "My husband's position relocated us to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma," she says, "I went to college at University of South Carolina in Columbia and I prefer to cal that 'home.'"

    How she defines her biggest achievements makes us want to be her training buddy.

    "Most times, I think my greatest achievement is even beginning," she shares.  Even though she did track and field in high school and didn't do as well as she wanted ("I sucked big time," according to her), the team unity kept her from quitting.  And even though she didn't run for the next 6 years, when she needed a way to blow off some steam while her husband was deployed, she went back to racing by lacing up her shoes, signing up for a 5k, and running the whole way!

    Now she says "I have really grown to love" running... Half Marathons!

    Even though she's done four half marathons, she says "I don't really consider myself a 'racer," I'm definitely a runner though."  

    She has the best. Attitude.  Ever.

    She set herself a goal of tackling a half marathon in 2 hours, 30 minutes, but in the process of training she had emergency surgery for appendicitis and it forced her to change her training schedule.  Instead of giving up, she changed her goal to trying to get as many high fives as possible.  She ended up running her half with a time that beat her personal best by 9 minutes, and showed us (and her appendix) who's boss!

    Her dog has his own hashtag on Instagram

    She has pretty much the cutest dog on the Internet, adorably named Brodie.  He's a shelter dog, he's a therapy dog, and he's a dog that lives for a good belly rub...  Because, seriously, who doesn't?  Check out his selfies with the #BrodieBrode hashtag and prepare to fall in love.  Those ears get us every time.


    These are just some of the reasons we think Caroline totally rocks, so throughout the week we'll be sharing more of her story, from her greatest highs to how she takes her setbacks and turns them into opportunities, and of course, some highlights from that amazing trip to Peru that we all wish she took us on.  

    Can't wait for more?  Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog, then prepare to be bitten by the travel bug yourself.

    We keep hearing about how we inspire you, be we thought it was time to share how you inspire us!

    Each week we will feature some of the pictures and stories from our fans because we believe the greatest inspiration comes from people who dare to dream big and live out their adventures.

    Would you like to be featured? Email jerusha@designsthatmoveyou.com for more info.

    Have fun,


    Look What's New at MomentumJewelry.com!

    Look What's New at MomentumJewelry.com!

    Happy Sunday folks!  

    You notice anything new around here?  I mean, besides our crazy-awesome SPARKlets and that little something we teased on Instagram as maybe, possibly coming soon...

    That's right!  Our fearless leader Amy just took the bow off our shiny, new, streamlined website.  Now you can enjoy faster load times, a more intuitive layout, and easier ordering of the products you've come to know and love from Momentum.  Woo-hoo!

    As part of our new look, we've also added a blog where we can share news, updates, and pull back the curtain on what exactly goes on here at Momentum Jewelry.  Spoiler alert: we have a lot of fun and do a lot of really cool things.

    However, we're also up to something pretty special...

    Over the years, we've heard your stories, seen your pictures, and followed you on social
     media.  We've been truly moved by how our fans go out and tackle adventures, defeat obstacles, and explore new ways to make the world a more wonderful, positive place.  For every one time we've heard about how we've motivated somebody, there have been twice as many times where we've said to ourselves that our fans have motivated us.

    We've always been driven to make a difference and we realize that there are people out there who have the same hopes, dreams, and goals...  And they're totally slaying it.  So now, we want to celebrate you and all the other future-changers we've run into while they've done their part to share the SPARK of inspiration, motivation, and positive-thinking.

    Starting Monday, July 11th we will spend a week highlighting the stories of some of the people who have touched us.

    We firmly believe everybody has a story to share.  Athletes and aspiring athletes who tackle physical challenges.  Parents who look for ways to motivate, inspire, and nurture their children into the next generation of powerful people.  Folks who have overcome injury and illness with strong mentalities and unwavering hope for the future.  People who have become warriors and activists for causes they passionately believe in.  Even those who started a journey with a goal they didn't quite reach, but came away from it with a lesson more powerful than if they'd accomplished that goal they were working so hard to meet.

    We are completely thrilled to have met some glorious people who were kind enough to share with us parts of their lives and journeys and we can't wait to share them with others too.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt you'll be just as inspired by them as we are and we are so excited to be able to help them tell the world that everybody has the potential to lead a life of passion, make a difference, and reach their true potential.

    And, on that note, do you have a story to share or know somebody who's showing us all how it's done?  Please, let us know!  Email me at jerusha@designsthatmoveyou.com or leave a comment below on how we can contact you!

    Everybody have a great week and we can't wait get to know you all in a new way via our blog, social media, and our fancy new site!

    Have fun,


    Stay tuned...

    What's going to be on Momentum's blog?
    This is where we get a chance to feature YOU - our active, inspiring, real-life users.  
    Swing by in a few days - our first post is coming soon!