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    SPARK Blog

    Look What's New at!

    Look What's New at!

    Happy Sunday folks!  

    You notice anything new around here?  I mean, besides our crazy-awesome SPARKlets and that little something we teased on Instagram as maybe, possibly coming soon...

    That's right!  Our fearless leader Amy just took the bow off our shiny, new, streamlined website.  Now you can enjoy faster load times, a more intuitive layout, and easier ordering of the products you've come to know and love from Momentum.  Woo-hoo!

    As part of our new look, we've also added a blog where we can share news, updates, and pull back the curtain on what exactly goes on here at Momentum Jewelry.  Spoiler alert: we have a lot of fun and do a lot of really cool things.

    However, we're also up to something pretty special...

    Over the years, we've heard your stories, seen your pictures, and followed you on social
     media.  We've been truly moved by how our fans go out and tackle adventures, defeat obstacles, and explore new ways to make the world a more wonderful, positive place.  For every one time we've heard about how we've motivated somebody, there have been twice as many times where we've said to ourselves that our fans have motivated us.

    We've always been driven to make a difference and we realize that there are people out there who have the same hopes, dreams, and goals...  And they're totally slaying it.  So now, we want to celebrate you and all the other future-changers we've run into while they've done their part to share the SPARK of inspiration, motivation, and positive-thinking.

    Starting Monday, July 11th we will spend a week highlighting the stories of some of the people who have touched us.

    We firmly believe everybody has a story to share.  Athletes and aspiring athletes who tackle physical challenges.  Parents who look for ways to motivate, inspire, and nurture their children into the next generation of powerful people.  Folks who have overcome injury and illness with strong mentalities and unwavering hope for the future.  People who have become warriors and activists for causes they passionately believe in.  Even those who started a journey with a goal they didn't quite reach, but came away from it with a lesson more powerful than if they'd accomplished that goal they were working so hard to meet.

    We are completely thrilled to have met some glorious people who were kind enough to share with us parts of their lives and journeys and we can't wait to share them with others too.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt you'll be just as inspired by them as we are and we are so excited to be able to help them tell the world that everybody has the potential to lead a life of passion, make a difference, and reach their true potential.

    And, on that note, do you have a story to share or know somebody who's showing us all how it's done?  Please, let us know!  Email me at or leave a comment below on how we can contact you!

    Everybody have a great week and we can't wait get to know you all in a new way via our blog, social media, and our fancy new site!

    Have fun,


    Stay tuned...

    What's going to be on Momentum's blog?
    This is where we get a chance to feature YOU - our active, inspiring, real-life users.  
    Swing by in a few days - our first post is coming soon!