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    SPARK Blog

    SPARK Notes for January 20th

     with Blaire Harter


    Life can often be challenging and tough. It is in those moments that having a strong, positive support system matters the most. 


    Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, motivate you, and offer words of encouragement can push you to strive for more, provide you with accountability, and give you a sense of strength and power. 


    Limiting the negativity of people in your circle of friends and family will ultimately limit the negative self-talk we all have a tendency to say. 


    When you find yourself in moments of negativity, focus on what is working, what you are grateful for, or walk away from the situation you are in that is bringing you down. You are worthy of dreaming big, of respect, and are capable of anything! 



    Do you have any tricks that help you to stay positive and seek others with a similar outlook?  We'd love to hear! 

    Share your ideas on how to successfully shift away from a negativity by tagging us @momentumjewelry using the hashtag #sharetheSPARK so that we can be inspired by YOU!


    SPARK Notes for January 13th

    with Blaire Harter

     How often do you find yourself comparing the present to the past?  

    You may see what once was: your level of fitness, your success in your career, or the status of a relationship, and feel that you will not be able to attain that again. Focusing on what once was limits your ability to become what could be. 

    There are endless opportunities for you to grow and achieve beyond what you think is possible. 


    Do you have any tricks that help you live in the present?  We'd love to hear! 

    Share your ideas and show us how you redirect your focus by tagging us @momentumjewelry using the hashtag #sharetheSPARK so that we can be inspired by YOU!


    SPARK Notes for January 6th

    with Blaire Harter

    "Perfection is the enemy of done."

    This age-old adage has stuck around since the times of Voltaire, Confucius, and Shakespeare. And it still rings true today, maybe even more now than ever. With unlimited resources and information available right at our fingertips and seemingly endless choices and opportunities to pursue, the desire to create a flawless end product or complete something “perfectly” can be a constant tug.

    However, the drive for perfectionism can stall us, prolong our start, or even keep us from beginning altogether! Whether it's a dreaded task, goal, or even fun project you're wanting to do - oftentimes, the hardest part is just getting started.

    The trick is to just jump in and start, striking while the iron is hot and you have a sense of urgency and momentum. Understanding that it’s okay (and necessary) to learn and adjust as you go.

    Is there something you’re hoping to achieve or do? Start by writing it down and choosing a deadline. Then, just start! Be consistent and practice perseverance, putting good habits in place to support your continued progress.

    This is your time to shine! What are you going to JUST START?

    Do you have any tricks that help you to get the ball rolling? We'd love to hear! Share your ideas and show us what you're getting started by tagging us @momentumjewelry. We are inspired by YOU!


    Wellness Wednesday Tip for December 11th


    SPARK Notes for December 30th

    with Blaire Harter

    "Keep your dreams alive.  Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.  Remember all things are possible for those who believe." - Gail Devers.

    We are entering the last two days of the decade. Can you believe it?

    As we begin 2020, let this be the year that you begin to believe in yourself. Set goals. Dream big. Make a plan. You are capable of ANYTHING.

    Yes, it will take hard work. Yes, you may need help. Yes, you may stumble or have a set back. But you can get back up. You can keep moving forward. You can show up and give 100% of what you have in that moment and know that is more than enough.

    This is YOUR year. What do you plan to do with it?
    Share your ideas and show us what you plan to do in the upcoming year by posting on social and tagging us @momentumjewelry.  We are inspired by YOU!