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    SPARK Blog — #yougotthis! #sharetheSPARK #SPARKcrew

    Momentum SPARK Crew at the Twin Cities Marathon

    Momentum SPARK Crew at the Twin Cities Marathon

    It's a little gesture, just a small token, but our "you got this!" SPARKlets made a big impact at Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon in St. Paul, Minnesota.  After the race, I was delighted to see this wonderful message float into my inbox:

    I wanted to say thank you. I was handed a “You got This” bracelet at (mile 22? 24?? of) the Twin Cities Marathon. I can’t recall the exact miles but it was the PERFECT spot for the motivation I needed JUST THEN. I remember thanking the person who gave it to me and thinking “I need to tell them THANK YOU” as at that moment the thank you I mumbled was not enough.  I have not taken this off my wrist although my marathon was 2 days ago.
    It is a reminder than not only can I run 26.2 miles, but I “Got This” when I parent my two young kids and get overwhelmed with life in general. I do cross fit on a regular basis and can think of many workouts in the future that I will be looking at my wrist (hello planks!). 
    I also found an additional bracelet on the road as I continued to run the marathon and picked it up, barely able to bend over at that time! My 6 year old daughter has been struggling with not feeling good enough and I shared that with her. It has been empowering in a way I never would have expected and I would not have thought of on my own to buy a bracelet as we get through this bump in the road. Plus, she (as do I) thinks it is cool that we both share a special bracelet.

    I cannot thank you enough. I’m one story of many people I am sure you motivate, but I am excited to look into your company further. In a world, where people can be quick to complain, it is nice to have a positive experience and share that with others.

    Again, thank you!



    When people ask me why I do what I do, it's stories like these that fuel me.  We all crave making a difference, and I'm inspired to see people like Angela out there, tackling their big goals and achieving remarkable dreams.  

    Then to know, in the middle of her great achievement, she's thinking of how to Share the Spark of positivity with not only another person, but the next generation of great achievers?  It's an incredible testament to the power we all have in us to reach out and support those around us through the power of words and the belief that you can do anything.  

    Thank you, Angela, for your remarkable story and congrats on your completing the Twin Cities Marathon.  Keep us updated on all of your accomplishments because you, my friend, are a inspiration!


    We keep hearing about how we inspire you, be we thought it was time to share how you inspire us!

    Each week we will feature some of the pictures and stories from our fans because we believe the greatest inspiration comes from people who dare to dream big and live out their adventures. 

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