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    SPARK Blog — WISH Wrap

    Guest Post: Why not me?

    Here at Momentum, we firmly believe that every person everywhere is both worthy and capable of great things. It make take a great adventure to reach certain accomplishments, and that adventure may present intimidating and unbelievable situations. But we believe the beauty lies in the believing. And in the overcoming—and, in taking that first step toward the goal or the dream. To not believe that you are worthy and capable, is to stop yourself from even trying. And consequently, from achieving your greatest. Here's Kathryn's perspective on this great topic: 

    I’m not sure of the exact moment it happened, (I have a vague idea) but I can tell you that as soon as it did, I never looked back. It’s not that I felt sorry for myself or that I doubted my abilities to do certain things, but I truly went about life for far too long wondering why. Why would I? Why should I? Why would they…

    There were so many times when I thought about how much fun it would have been to do something, but I let that nagging “why would I” mindset take over and squash the dream. Oh, how much fun it would have been to __________ (fill in the blank); but there is no way I would be chosen to or able to. There were so many missed opportunities.

    Then, about a year ago, that “why me” mentality turned into “WHY NOT ME?” Truly, it was that instantaneous. I won’t say that it was an easy transformation because stepping outside of my comfort zone that very first time was indeed nerve wracking and intense! But, the second I stepped out and began to investigate opportunities instead of waiting for them to present themselves—it was like an explosion of possibility landed in my lap.

    Perhaps one of the most fun examples of this new mindset was filling out an application to become an ambassador for Momentum Jewelry.  A couple of years ago, I never would have clicked the box to apply. When the box popped up again in January, I couldn’t click fast enough. I absolutely poured myself into the application believing "why not me" from start to finish. And it worked!

    I’ve often wondered how it was that I came to change my way of thinking. What ignited that spark? I still can’t pinpoint the answer. Perhaps that’s for the best. Perhaps I just wasn’t ready to ask "why not," but I know one thing for sure today—I’ll never stop asking "WHY NOT ME?" again!

    So, now it's your turn. Next time you put something off, or decide that you can't or don't deserve it. Ask yourself "WHY NOT ME?" and watch yourself grow. Believe in yourself, because we believe in you. You are worthy. You do deserve it. The world is yours to experience. Other people are out there experiencing it, so why not you? 

    Need an extra dose of motivation? Shop Kathryn's "I can and I will" WISH Wrap here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, and tag #momentumjewelry so we can see all of your "WHY NOT ME?" moments.

    #sharetheSPARK: Never give up.

    If you look at #sharetheSPARK on Instagram, you'll see evidence that this movement makes big strides in the fitness community. Our fans and our awesome ambassadors are getting out there and motivating others to achieve and believe. This incredible movement, however, is not limited to the fitness community. As one of our ambassadors discovered, a little motivation can make a big difference to cancer caregivers. This is Stacey Morgan's #sharetheSPARK story:

    My Aunt is a school teacher in Northern Minnesota. All teachers are amazing in my opinion, but Trisha has a history of going above and beyond. Whether it’s helping a struggling student find resources to succeed or loudly leading the cheers at the Friday night football game, Trisha has made a positive impact on her small-town community and is well loved for it. 

    Last June, she and her husband were enjoying a summer vacation out East. They were visiting and staying with their daughter who lives in Virginia. After a relaxing day at the apartment pool, my uncle Steve suffered a massive stroke. A stranger found him collapsed on the men’s locker room floor. Paramedics were called and Steve was rushed to the nearby hospital where he immediately underwent a series of tests while they attempted to get his blood clotting under control. It was during this extensive investigation that doctors discovered Steve has stage IV prostate cancer. Without the ability to fly home due to the recent strokes, it was determined he would need to undergo chemotherapy in Virginia. 

    Initially, Steve was unable to speak and couldn’t move half of his body. Miraculously, nearly 9 months after the initial strokes, he is walking and talking and laughing again. But they are still in Virginia. And as the chemo treatments continue, so does their fight to come home. 

    I wanted to find a way to remind Trisha that her family and friends are rooting for her and Team Steve, even when we can’t physically be there.  So for Christmas, I sent a “Never Give Up” WISH Wrap. I hoped it would give her strength during harder times.

    My cousin, who also received a matching bracelet, snapped this picture on a day when it seemed as if an insurance snafu would force my uncle to miss a scheduled Chemo.

    After hours and hours of being persistent and steadfast, the situation was resolved and my uncle’s treatment plan continued uninterrupted. My cousin sent me the photo with a text that said, “This bracelet was REALLY useful today!” 

    My aunt didn’t know that it was being taken. She says she looks tired, though calls the photo “honest.” But I love how engaged and indomitable she looks. I also love how it shows the power of a WISH Wrap; how something so small and simple can carry a feeling of support, comfort and confidence across the miles.

    In mid-March, the family was able to return to their home in Minnesota! 
    They are still managing continued care for Steve with many therapy appointments and check ups, but have enjoyed being able to settle in to their "new normal" at home with family and friends nearby.
    Pain, struggle and feelings of hopelessness aren't unique to marathons and weight loss goals. Life is funny that way. We all experience some version of them, and the common lesson is this: One small token of love and appreciation can ignite greater feelings of hope and persistence. We couldn't be happier that the small token in this story is a WISH Wrap. Remember, you can make a difference in someone else's life (even if you can't be there). So whenever the opportunity arises, we hope you'll always #sharetheSPARK