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    SPARK Blog — Store News

    This Is Your Moment: The Fall 2018 Motivate Wrap Collection

    We spend so much of our time focusing on other people—that's not a bad thing, but there is one person that needs your attention, maybe even more than anyone else. Who? It's you. And our new Fall Collection of Motivate Wraps is here to remind you of that fact. 

    It's time to get up and go.

    Today is your day. 

    Make it about progress over perfection. 

    Why? Because you're so worth it. And you deserve it. Also, because we're here to believe in you, too. Every single Motivate Wrap we create is made with lightweight, non-tarnishing materials and a healthy dose of inspiration—stay tuned, our Ambassadors will be featuring these new Motivate Wraps on Instagram. Follow @momentumjewelry and #momentumjewelry to keep up with the fun (and possibly some giveaways, too)!

    Plus, we've got a great lineup of blog posts coming your way. 

    This is your moment. We feel it. Do you?


    Guest Post: 10 Reasons Why You Should Run with Friends

    Calling all runners! National Running Day is June 6th, and we're getting ready for it by discounting all Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes that feature running related messages. That sale starts today, and so does a series of blog posts related to running. Up first, Kathryn Metz from Mommy Goes & Goes with an argument for running with friends:

    When I laced up my first pair of running sneakers nearly three years ago and ran my first consecutive 1.92 miles (yes, I still remember how long the run was; I think I always will)...I was alone. Just me and the streets and some birds chirping. When I finished, I was hot and sweaty and so very proud of myself, but there was no one there to share the excitement with. No one to high five, no one to hug and no one to fist-bump. It was me, the birds and my sneakers. 

    Fast forward a few months, excluding many double-jogger stroller miles), it was  May 2016. I was signed up for a local Mother’s Day 5k race; my husband and sons accompanied me. I was super excited to see what I had in me. It was my day after all, right? What #motherrunner wouldn’t want a PR on Mother’s Day? Run, done.  25:55 PR achieved, but what happened after the race that was even better—I met a friend, and not just any friend. I met a friend who runs! “Let’s run one day soon together," she said. 

    This was a game changer. 

    Vicki and I ran together very soon after that day. When we finished, we hugged goodbye and walked away with perma-smiles plastered on our faces. Soon after that run, my eyes were wide open (and perhaps hunting) for other running friends—and what do you know, they started to pop up everywhere I looked. My friend Mariana and I ran my first 10k in Central Park the following month. She introduced me to several of her running friends, and I began to see that in addition to running itself being one of the best gifts—the community that came with it was even better.

    How is running with friends different than running solo? 

    Running solo has many benefits and there are times when running alone with your thoughts is truly the best thing in the world. When you’re a runner, it becomes your go to for life. You’re in the best mood, this day is perfection, the sun is shining so bright—the runner inside you beings to crave a good run. Conversely, it’s been the longest week, you are super frustrated at work, your kids have been off the wall, and you just need a break—solo running becomes therapeutic, and when you’re done, you feel so much better.

    But again, running with friends can change everything and I encourage you to find your tribe. Here are ten reasons why:

    1. It provides you with company on those longer than long training runs.
    2. It gives you a partner on hills from hell; it’s always better to have someone next to you shouting words of encouragement.
    3. You are guaranteed a hug and/or a high five at the end of every run.
    4. It makes dragging yourself out of bed at 3:30am to go run just a little bit easier when someone is waiting for you.
    5. The smiles during your run get bigger, and science has recently proven that smiling while running actually makes you run faster! 
    6. You don't have to pay a therapist because running with a friend is therapy.
    7. The miles go by faster, even if you’re actually running slower.
    8. You'll be safer out there in the unknown world of new trails or dark roads.
    9. Every finish is much more monumental...there is something innately wonderful about seeing a close friend achieve a goal right alongside you. 
    10. Sometimes you start as strangers, and in the end you become friends.

    Be sure to follow Kathryn on Instagram to see her hit the pavement with all of her best running friends. And you can follow Momentum Jewelry, too—tag us in your best Motivate Wrap and Foot Note photos so we can run with you from afar! Be sure to take advantage of discounted Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes with a running theme. Sale ends on National Running day (6/6/18). 


    Your Journey Awaits: The Spring 2018 Motivate Wrap Collection

    Spring is upon us! This bright time of year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, and we are ready. Our newest collection of Motivate Wraps launches today, and it's all about starting fresh. It's about intention, possibility and living your dream. With four bright colors and five quotes to choose from, we are confident this collection with launch you into whatever journey awaits you.

    Training for a Spring or Summer race? "Worry less, run more." Tackling a big life change? "Follow your bliss" because "adventure awaits." Just remember, you must always "choose kind."

    Shop the new Motivate Wraps now, then head over to Instagram where a number of our Momentum Ambassadors are sharing their favorites. What will yours be?

    Team Sparkle is running #Boston4Rett...and we want to help!

    Every year, thousands of runners toe the line at the Boston Marathon. This iconic race excites everyone, most especially the participants. Some do it to enjoy the glory of an amazing accomplishment, others do it to check off a bucket list race. And then, some runners participate to raise awareness for the charity of their choice—and that's exactly what all seven members of Team Sparkle are doing.

    Team Sparkle is running the Boston Marathon to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, a terrible disease that traps close to half a million girls in their bodies, leaving them unable to speak, walk or even use their hands. Team Sparkle is running because the girls that suffer from Rett Syndrome cannot. 

    Someday, that could change. With awareness comes research and development in the fight against this disease. Team Sparkle is hoping to raise money as well, and that's where we come in to help: This year, Momentum will donate 25% of the sales of our BOSTON STRONG motivate wrap and foot note to Team Sparkle's fundraiser for Rett Syndrome.  Hurry, while supplies last!

    This partnership is important, and we are already proud of Carlee, Kristen, Kellie, Jolie, Elise, Carrie and Allison for putting in the time and effort it will take to cross that finish line. 

    If you or someone you know is running the Boston Marathon this year, then you need this wrist wrap. If you know someone with Rett Syndrome, then you need this wrist wrap. If you want to help us help Team Sparkle support the efforts to find a cure for Rett Syndrome, then you need this motivate wrap. 

    Order yours today! 

    Follow #TeamSparkle and Momentum on Instagram to keep up with this BOSTON STRONG journey. For more information on Rett Syndrome, or to make additional donations, please visit girlpower2cure.org!

    Momentum Ambassadors Reveal New Fall Collection

    Apples, pumpkins and...new Momentum Motivate Wraps! Fall is here, bringing with it our newest collection of inspirational jewelry. Five new sayings, five on-trend colors. We might be biased, but we think you'll want all of them. To help us convince you, we chose eleven of our official Momentum Ambassadors to make the big reveal. Head on over to Instagram and check out what these ladies have done with the new Fall collection:

    Marissa Lee   /   Bridget Hammond   /   Julie Abbott

    Blair Harter   /   Jennifer Chung   /   Kathy Loannou

    Jenn Voss   /   Meridith Daniel   /   Heidi Liggett

    Sarah Schaap   /   Christine Cassar