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    SPARK Blog — Sparklet

    #sharetheSPARK: Marathon Motivation

    April is an exciting month for us here at Momentum. Our #sharetheSPARK movement launched last week, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the way our community is spreading love, motivation and inspiration to those who truly need it. Acts big and small are propelling people everywhere to chase their dreams, to overcome obstacles and (most importantly) to believe in themselves. Today, we'd like to share Tam from Tamarathoner's experience at this year's LA Marathon:

    Marathon running is a test of discipline, endurance, grit and mental toughness. Being a runner for 15 years, I still get nervous on race day. There’s nothing like race prep and the anticipated excitement for the big day. On March 18, 2018, I ran the LA Marathon for the 6th consecutive year and it was my 25th lifetime marathon.

    I made the race a milestone marathon because I love the city of Los Angeles (where I was born and raised) and I love seeing so many friends before, during and after the race. This year, I had the honor of mentoring a new runner.

    Jenniffer and I are both teachers at the same school. I watched Jenniffer transform herself thru fitness and an eating plan. Then she got into running. She asked me for advice when she ran her first 5k. Before the race, I gave her a “You Got This!” Sparklet because I knew she was ready to run the race. She did and loved it.

    After that, Jenniffer shared that she wanted to run her first marathon at LA. I was very excited for her! She had enough time to train and the LA Marathon is a great first time marathon. I knew the journey of training for and running a marathon for the first time would be life changing for Jenniffer, just like it was for me.

    Over the course of her training, we often chatted. I checked in on Jenniffer to see how her training was going. Jenniffer asked me about nutrition, fueling, aches, pains, how to get in all of the runs and more. We ran hill repeats together, too, as the LA Marathon has some good hills in it. I love sharing what I know about marathoning based on my experience. It keeps me motivated and seeing what a new runner goes through helps me remember how far I’ve come. I appreciate all that I’ve learned from marathoning and helping a new runner brings me great joy. I remember all of the advice I got when I was training for my first marathon 15 years ago and I am thankful to all of my runner friends who helped me, encouraged me and cheered me on.

    Jenniffer and I made plans for race weekend. Before we left school for the race expo, I gave Jenniffer a gift—some Motivate Wraps! I gave her sayings that I hoped would keep her going on race day: “believe endure achieve” and “dig deep.” I gave her “26.2” to commemorate the big day.

    We went to the expo together and I helped her navigate the expo with bib pick-up, goodie bag pick-up and the many booths. I messaged her the day before the race to see how she was feeling. She was feeling confident!

    On race morning, we found one another and hung out. I gave her words of encouragement and a big hug. I knew she would do well and finish strong. I couldn’t keep up with her but she texted me when she finished. She did very well! I was so proud! The next day, we celebrated with our students and fresh coconut water!

    I’m so proud of Jenniffer and honored that I got to be a part of her journey. I know the Motivate Wraps were a big part of helping her get to the finish line! Now Jenniffer is a marathoner. There's no turning back now!

    For more inspiring stories like Tam and Jenniferr's, be sure to follow #sharetheSPARK and @momentumjewelry on Instagram! Tag your photos, too. We want to see how you're motivating and inspiring others to believe and achieve their dreams.

    Guest Post: Mommy strong.

    We firmly believe that you were designed to lead an inspired life. This is what drives each piece of jewelry we create. We want Momentum to inspire and empower anyone that wears it. And we love celebrating the people that do. Our customers inspire us, and we think they'll inspire you, too. That's why we choose to share their stories on our blog. Today, a post from Alyssa of Home Field Fitness on the importance of being "mommy strong":

    I had no idea what it meant to be "mommy strong" until I personally discovered the struggle of staying active throughout pregnancy, the physical toll of childbirth, and the challenge to stay motivated, energized and active as a busy mother. This is why moms band together, bonding over their struggles and their strengths.

    As a fitness instructor that specializes in classes for moms, I see all of the struggles...not feeling like yourself anymore, beating yourself up about your new body, always putting your family first, and being too humble to be proud of how far you’ve come..it's always my goal to remind you that you are so strong.

    As mothers, we do amazing things every single day and it’s so important that we take pride in and celebrate that! 

    A group of my clients recently took the word “strength” to a whole new level. We focused on the mental block of not being enough. I gave everyone Sparklets that said “Stay Strong." Having that daily reminder on their wrists helped motivate them, and ultimately changed their mindset! 

    I think it's really important to take a break from your children. Especially when you're working out. Make it about you! My "Mommy Strong" clients often refer to our kid-free workouts as their happy hour, and I feel the same way.

    Moms, you should never feel selfish about taking time for a workout.

    That said, if motherhood has taught me anything, it's that me-time is limited. We have to be realistic, and that often means your kids are going to be around for your workout. This doesn't have to be a bad thing!

    It fact, it can be fun! Look for kid-friendly classes for moms, or put together your own workout that incorporates your child. Think about it: It's incredibly convenient to exercise with your child! You won't need to secure childcare, and they get to have fun with you. 

    It will also influence your little ones. They are watching you! Letting them see you having fun while you are working out is one of the best things you can show them. My daughters love racing me, "helping me" with planks and getting on a yoga mat next to me.

    We can raise the next generation of healthy adults, and it can start when they're brand-new to the world. The more they are exposed to your healthy habits, the more they'll want to join in.

    Toss them in a stroller for a daily walk or run, wear them in a baby carrier for an added-weight workout, or let them join you if they are old enough.

    Remember, they are watching you. And if there's anything we know about children, it's that they love to move. 

    To learn more about working out with your children, visit Alyssa at Home Field Fitness. Now tell us: How will you be mommy strong today?