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    SPARK Blog — #sharethespark

    Guest Post: Running with Heart (and Your Mom and Sister)

    National Running Day is next week, but we started the celebration on Monday! All of our Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes with a running theme are on sale right now. To highlight this, and the power of running itself, we're featuring inspirational running stories on our SPARK blog. Today, Heather has an inspirational story about her most unforgettable race weekend. We think you'll enjoy it: 

    If you told me five years ago that I'd be running, let alone taking part in a marathon, I would have said that you'd lost your marbles. Fast forward to 2018 and my love for an active and healthy lifestyle has grown into a passion. I love to share my spark with others, including my amazing mom and beautiful sister. 

    Over the past year, my Mom has endured some life altering battle wounds by way of an unexpected heartbreak and divorce. She’s also been diagnosed with some very irritating abdominal issues, which can impact her daily routine and any travel—but she doesn't allow this to stop her. She's always been my rock, and I wanted to show her just how strong she is. Together on a whim, we signed up for the inaugural Silo District Marathon. All proceeds for this race would be donated to rare cancer research. Knowing my mom is not a "runner," I encouraged her to walk or run the 5k portion the best she could. Of course, no trip would be complete without my one and only sister Kacey. She is not a runner, but reluctantly signed up for her first ever 5K race in Waco, Texas. 

    We each live over 800 miles from one another, so we flew to Texas and met at Dallas Love Field for an unforgettable race weekend. 

    The night before the race, we set out our matching outfits and I shared special Motivate Wraps with my mom and sister. I wanted them to know how resilient they are. I wanted to share some extra encouragement. I wanted these women to know that whether we are 800 miles apart or right next to each other, they are special and loved. I also wanted to remind them that everything they want is on the other side of fear. I didn’t want them to be scared, I wanted them to feel empowered!

    When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart. That’s exactly what we did at the Silo District Marathon. We laced up matching as triplets and headed to the starting line for my family's first ever 5K run together. Waiting at the start line, I began to get teary eyed thinking of how proud I was of these two women stepping outside their comfort zone to overcome recent emotional and health obstacles. I knew they could do it! I was beyond excited to share this journey with them and 6,000 other runners. I wanted my family to feel the powerful emotions that occur before, during and after a marathon. There is nothing else quite like it. 

    We took off together through the beautiful streets of Waco, Texas. Shortly after mile 1.5, my mom encountered a very unexpected and painful stomach issue. Many  people would simply call it quits, but not my mom. She kept on going, pushing her hardest to the very end. She embraced the race, made new friendships, danced and laughed her way to the end. She crossed that finish line with me and my sister Kacey right by her side. To see them dig deep and never give up makes me feel so proud. I feel blessed to have such amazing women by my side. We unite, we stand strong, and embrace each moment in life—good or bad, always together. 

    I got to spend four amazing days surrounded by the ones I love, the ones who encourage me to be the best version of myself, people who I cherish every day, people who love me through it all, no matter what. To be a part of something that was undeniably bigger than myself, bigger than a 5k race or marathon,—it was about changing lives and helping others by coming together for the greater good. And for that, I am thankful.

    We are thankful, too, for all of the members of the fitness community that continue to #sharethespark with others who strive to be the best versions of themselves. We here at Momentum love making jewelry, but it's bigger than that. It's about sending our products out into the community with the sole purpose of uniting and inspiring people everywhere. And our products do that because YOU do that. With every photo we're tagged in, and every story like Heather's that our products are a part of...we are grateful and, in turn, completely inspired. 

    Our special National Running Day sale ends on June 6th. Be sure to take advantage of discounted Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes. And keep tagging @momentumjewerly, #momentumjewelry and #sharethespark on social media. 

    #sharetheSPARK: Never give up.

    If you look at #sharetheSPARK on Instagram, you'll see evidence that this movement makes big strides in the fitness community. Our fans and our awesome ambassadors are getting out there and motivating others to achieve and believe. This incredible movement, however, is not limited to the fitness community. As one of our ambassadors discovered, a little motivation can make a big difference to cancer caregivers. This is Stacey Morgan's #sharetheSPARK story:

    My Aunt is a school teacher in Northern Minnesota. All teachers are amazing in my opinion, but Trisha has a history of going above and beyond. Whether it’s helping a struggling student find resources to succeed or loudly leading the cheers at the Friday night football game, Trisha has made a positive impact on her small-town community and is well loved for it. 

    Last June, she and her husband were enjoying a summer vacation out East. They were visiting and staying with their daughter who lives in Virginia. After a relaxing day at the apartment pool, my uncle Steve suffered a massive stroke. A stranger found him collapsed on the men’s locker room floor. Paramedics were called and Steve was rushed to the nearby hospital where he immediately underwent a series of tests while they attempted to get his blood clotting under control. It was during this extensive investigation that doctors discovered Steve has stage IV prostate cancer. Without the ability to fly home due to the recent strokes, it was determined he would need to undergo chemotherapy in Virginia. 

    Initially, Steve was unable to speak and couldn’t move half of his body. Miraculously, nearly 9 months after the initial strokes, he is walking and talking and laughing again. But they are still in Virginia. And as the chemo treatments continue, so does their fight to come home. 

    I wanted to find a way to remind Trisha that her family and friends are rooting for her and Team Steve, even when we can’t physically be there.  So for Christmas, I sent a “Never Give Up” WISH Wrap. I hoped it would give her strength during harder times.

    My cousin, who also received a matching bracelet, snapped this picture on a day when it seemed as if an insurance snafu would force my uncle to miss a scheduled Chemo.

    After hours and hours of being persistent and steadfast, the situation was resolved and my uncle’s treatment plan continued uninterrupted. My cousin sent me the photo with a text that said, “This bracelet was REALLY useful today!” 

    My aunt didn’t know that it was being taken. She says she looks tired, though calls the photo “honest.” But I love how engaged and indomitable she looks. I also love how it shows the power of a WISH Wrap; how something so small and simple can carry a feeling of support, comfort and confidence across the miles.

    In mid-March, the family was able to return to their home in Minnesota! 
    They are still managing continued care for Steve with many therapy appointments and check ups, but have enjoyed being able to settle in to their "new normal" at home with family and friends nearby.
    Pain, struggle and feelings of hopelessness aren't unique to marathons and weight loss goals. Life is funny that way. We all experience some version of them, and the common lesson is this: One small token of love and appreciation can ignite greater feelings of hope and persistence. We couldn't be happier that the small token in this story is a WISH Wrap. Remember, you can make a difference in someone else's life (even if you can't be there). So whenever the opportunity arises, we hope you'll always #sharetheSPARK

    #sharetheSPARK: Marathon Motivation

    April is an exciting month for us here at Momentum. Our #sharetheSPARK movement launched last week, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the way our community is spreading love, motivation and inspiration to those who truly need it. Acts big and small are propelling people everywhere to chase their dreams, to overcome obstacles and (most importantly) to believe in themselves. Today, we'd like to share Tam from Tamarathoner's experience at this year's LA Marathon:

    Marathon running is a test of discipline, endurance, grit and mental toughness. Being a runner for 15 years, I still get nervous on race day. There’s nothing like race prep and the anticipated excitement for the big day. On March 18, 2018, I ran the LA Marathon for the 6th consecutive year and it was my 25th lifetime marathon.

    I made the race a milestone marathon because I love the city of Los Angeles (where I was born and raised) and I love seeing so many friends before, during and after the race. This year, I had the honor of mentoring a new runner.

    Jenniffer and I are both teachers at the same school. I watched Jenniffer transform herself thru fitness and an eating plan. Then she got into running. She asked me for advice when she ran her first 5k. Before the race, I gave her a “You Got This!” Sparklet because I knew she was ready to run the race. She did and loved it.

    After that, Jenniffer shared that she wanted to run her first marathon at LA. I was very excited for her! She had enough time to train and the LA Marathon is a great first time marathon. I knew the journey of training for and running a marathon for the first time would be life changing for Jenniffer, just like it was for me.

    Over the course of her training, we often chatted. I checked in on Jenniffer to see how her training was going. Jenniffer asked me about nutrition, fueling, aches, pains, how to get in all of the runs and more. We ran hill repeats together, too, as the LA Marathon has some good hills in it. I love sharing what I know about marathoning based on my experience. It keeps me motivated and seeing what a new runner goes through helps me remember how far I’ve come. I appreciate all that I’ve learned from marathoning and helping a new runner brings me great joy. I remember all of the advice I got when I was training for my first marathon 15 years ago and I am thankful to all of my runner friends who helped me, encouraged me and cheered me on.

    Jenniffer and I made plans for race weekend. Before we left school for the race expo, I gave Jenniffer a gift—some Motivate Wraps! I gave her sayings that I hoped would keep her going on race day: “believe endure achieve” and “dig deep.” I gave her “26.2” to commemorate the big day.

    We went to the expo together and I helped her navigate the expo with bib pick-up, goodie bag pick-up and the many booths. I messaged her the day before the race to see how she was feeling. She was feeling confident!

    On race morning, we found one another and hung out. I gave her words of encouragement and a big hug. I knew she would do well and finish strong. I couldn’t keep up with her but she texted me when she finished. She did very well! I was so proud! The next day, we celebrated with our students and fresh coconut water!

    I’m so proud of Jenniffer and honored that I got to be a part of her journey. I know the Motivate Wraps were a big part of helping her get to the finish line! Now Jenniffer is a marathoner. There's no turning back now!

    For more inspiring stories like Tam and Jenniferr's, be sure to follow #sharetheSPARK and @momentumjewelry on Instagram! Tag your photos, too. We want to see how you're motivating and inspiring others to believe and achieve their dreams.

    Guest Post: You are inspiring someone, it's true.

    Here at Momentum, inspiration is our thing. It's why we assembled a team of Ambassadors. They are true masters of inspiration, and they spread our message with every Motivate Wrap they wear...and share with others! Sometimes they know how inspiring they are, sometimes they don't even realize it. It is, after all, totally possible to inspire someone without even trying to. We'll let one of our Ambassadors, Tera Busker, explain this to you:

    I was recently scrolling through Instagram and an image of a quote caught my eye. It said "Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring."  As I looked at it, I couldn't help but wonder how many people I've inspired without even realizing it. Think about it! And then, think about how many times you've stepped outside of your own comfort zone, tried something new or pushed yourself to be better because of what you saw another person do.

    The power of being able to knowingly motivate someone with your words and actions is an incredible gift, but when you do it without even realizing it—that's a blessing. By just being you, you've made an impact on another person.

    A few years ago, someone made an impact on me and I"ll never forget it. I was running a half marathon that I swore I'd never run again. All of my experiences with this particular race were awful, but there I was again...running it for the 4th time and questioning everything.

    It was a cold, Spring day and the weather was less than desirable. The race was on a muddy gravel trail, and there was nothing to look at but the path in front of me (and an occasional cow). It was a small race with an out-and-back course. I hit the halfway mark and was done. Completely done. I was over the cold, rain, mud and lack of scenery. I was basically running alone and my shoes were ruined. I literally wanted to cry. Then I picked my head up and saw the ponytail.

    I was so excited to see another runner, so I picked up the pace a bit to catch up with her. As I got closer, it felt like her ponytail was hypnotizing me, and I was able to relax into a good pace. She eventually started to pull away from me, but I was determined to keep up, so I picked up the pace. 

    She pulled away again, and we settled into what felt like a game of cat and mouse. The harder I tried to catch up with her, the faster she ran until we reached the final stretch of the race and were side-by-side. We looked at each other and sprinted to the finish.

    After the finish, I collected myself and approached her. Before I could say anything, she said to me: "That was an amazing race. Thank you so much for pushing me! I could hear you behind me and I tried so hard to stay ahead of you, but you kept coming for me. And to finish right next to you—that was awesome!"

    And here I thought she was inspiring me! I thanked her for the race, and then we had a brief chat. She had been hoping for a PR that day, but wasn't into the race. But once we started running "together," she got her spark back—and so did I.

    Here's the takeaway: There are days when the things you do seem effortless and bring you incredible joy. And there are days when those things feel like a chore and you question everything—but that's when you must be strong because those are the days where you might find yourself inspiring someone to be strong, too.

    If you like to inspire others, we'd like you to consider joining our team of Ambassadors. Applications will be opened on January 19th and 20th! CLICK HERE to fill one out. 

    Guest Post: New year, new goals!

    Another year is ahead of us, and from all of us here at Momentum, we sincerely hope good things await you. Whether you're making resolutions, coming up with goals or setting intentions—believe that 2018 is yours for the taking, and grab onto it with a zestful belief in yourself. To help you step off the year on the right foot, Kelli Hashimoto of Run Happy Eat Happy is here with a few of our favorite Momentum mantras. 

    The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button. Maybe you committed to living a healthier lifestyle, or maybe you registered for your first marathon. For me, 2017 was the year to run a marathon in less than four hours—I was so excited to reach that goal! This year, I will be chasing a 3:50 marathon time goal. I am also committing to a more sustainable and balanced diet. While this will not be easy, I am excited for the challenge.

    My collection of Momentum Jewelry helped me reach my goal last year, and the same mantras will hopefully help me reach my goals again this year. Maybe they will help you, too:

    1. Dream Big We all know this Walt Disney quote: "if you can dream it, you can do it." So strive for a goal that is attainable, but dream big because you might even surprise yourself this year. At the beginning of last year, I wasn’t sure if my dream of running a marathon in less than four hours was realistic. I ran my first marathon in 4:36, so I knew that I had a lot of work ahead of me.

    2. Believe In Yourself Every great journey begins and ends with you—you are enough. Always remind yourself that you can achieve your goal, and remember why you started. By practicing positive thinking, you will keep your motivation strong. I needed to start believing that my goal was realistic. I needed to be my biggest motivator.

    3. Inspire & Empower Find a crew or help us #sharethespark on Instagram! The Momentum Jewelry ambassador crew and my local running group not only changed my life for the better, but also continue to inspire me every day. There are not enough words to express my appreciation for the running and fitness community, and I always encourage everyone to join the movement.

    4. Find Joy In The Journey The journey will not be easy, but I promise you that it will be worth it. Know that some days will be easier than others, but don't beat yourself up on the difficult days. Strive to enjoy every second of your journey because the year will fly by before you know it.

    5. Stronger Than Yesterday While it is easy to get caught up in the journey, don’t forget to look back to see how far you've come. Celebrate each short-term win that gets you a step closer to your goal. Last April, I finished the Big Sur Marathon in 4:12. Though I was initially disappointed, I celebrated the 24 minute PR and came back even stronger in July when I finished the San Francisco Marathon in 3:57.

    With a lot of hard work and dedication—and maybe a few Motivate Wraps, too!—you can turn your dreams into realities. Kelli is proof, and we are proud of her for achieving her 2017 goals. Will she repeat in 2018? Will YOU make all your dreams come true? Tell us what you're aiming for so we can be your cheerleader. Be sure to tag @momentumjewelry on Instagram when you take us on your journey, and use #momentumjewelry and #sharethespark in your captions so the rest of this inspirational community can cheer for you, too.