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    SPARK Blog — Motivate Wraps

    I am worthy. #beYOUtiful

    We make our Motivate Wraps...we make all of our products...because we believe in you. Because we believe you need your own cheerleader. But most importantly, we make our products and stand behind our #beYOUtiful campaign because we believe your self-worth is the key that will release your inner power and ultimately influence those around you in a positive manner. Believe that you are worth everything that comes your way. Believe that you are worthy of that inner power. Rachel from Rachel Recharged explains this in a repost from last year's beYOUtiful blog article series:

    This statement is a powerful one. It may even feel uncomfortable to read. The first time I wrote it on a post-it and taped it on my mirror at home, I cringed when I saw it. “Me? I’m worthy?” I am worthy. The more I said it out loud to myself, the more I started to believe it.


    I am worthy of love.
    I am worthy of success.
    I am worthy of self care.
    I am worthy of the good things that come to me.

    We are worthy of so many things that we are so quick to believe are not for us. The more I said it to myself, the more I knew that I really am worthy. I am worth it.

    When I started my own business, I jumped straight to fear: No one will want a part of what I’m creating. No one will see the worth in what I’m providing. Yet, the more I believed in myself, the more I exuded the confidence that I acquired as a business owner and my business began to grow. I allowed myself to step into a power that was waiting to be tapped into—all because I shifted a belief that was no longer serving me.

    I consistently implemented the affirmations above into my life. They may seem cheesy to some, but for me, they have allowed me to grow, to create change, and to slowly transform into my best self. I used to have these affirmations on my mirror, but now I wear them on my wrist so I can constantly be reminded in any state of doubt that I. AM. WORTHY.

    When I am in line with my passion, doing things that honor what I love to do, and showing up as my best self, I am worthy of receiving the gifts that life has to offer me!

    I truly believe that when we follow our dreams and take care of ourselves, we are on our paths to acknowledging our true self worth. Self care has become a non-negotiable in my life. It doesn’t have to be the typical “self care activities” we think of like taking a bath, getting a massage, or doing a face mask. It can mean taking a breath before a big meeting, pausing for five minutes when something is bothering us, or taking ourselves our to dinner for a meal that will bring joy. It can even be the little things.

    When we say yes to ourselves, that is self care.
    That is self love. That is honoring your self worth.

    And that, in essence, is the fire behind our #beYOUtiful campaign. Shop our collection of #beYOUtiful Motivate Wraps, and limited edition "I am..." Motivate Wraps like the one featured in this post. And then, download your free #beYOUtiful sign and show the world what you are. Tag @momentumjewelry, #momentumjewelry and #beYOUtiful on Instagram.

    Take back your power. #beYOUtiful

    Our #beYOUtiful campaign continues! We are enjoying your posts on Instagram, and feel so inspired by your ability to rise above and share exactly who you are. Today, we encourage you do to that powerfully and persistently. Here's Molly in a post from her 2018 article  explaining why power is an integral part of being #beYOUtiful:

    I used to hear the word “powerful” and cringe. I would think of old men in politics, fighting over money, authority, business, etc. I thought of bankers, policemen, lawyers, world leaders, even olympic athletes. I thought of strong, loud men.

    I did NOT identify with that in any way, shape or form.

    In my mind, power was equal to greed, fighting, and egos battling it out. I didn’t care about being powerful.

    My dream as a young girl was to just “be happy." This looked like opening a coffee shop on an island somewhere where I could surf and swim all day, be surrounded by nature, and make just enough money to survive. I didn’t care about money either.

    You see, I was raised to be a nice girl. Be kind to others, let others go first, and do no harm. Pretty simple, moral standards if you ask me, but this later evolved into a disease that plagues millions of women everywhere and took over my entire life for years and years. You may be afflicted too—it’s called People Pleasing.

    This ruled my life and slowly took all of my power away...power I didn’t even know I possessed:

    The power to choose, to make a firm decision, for myself. The power to voice my own opinion, feelings, desires, and my needs even if other’s didn’t agree. The power to step into the highest version of myself that lies deep within (and ultimately learning what that even looked like). The power to take back control of my own health, relationships, happiness, and the path my life was leading me down.

    So I went through life living out other people’s plans. Living behind a giant smile, positive attitude, and being someone everyone could depend on.  Behind closed doors, time and life were passing me by and it was fueling my anxiety and disordered eating. I was constantly battling each day trying every self help trick in the book in an attempt to remind myself that “I am okay, I am enough, I am worthy, I can get through this.”

    The thing is, I had yet to acknowledge, tap into and regain my own personal POWER. It was a muscle that had atrophied so much that I didn’t even know it ever existed.

    It wasn’t until I allowed myself to start dreaming again that I really discovered this concept of everyone possessing their own power within themselves. In conjunction with dreaming, I started learning more about what makes me who I am. I started to nourish and nurture my mind and body in ways I had never considered before. I started to incorporate mindful movement into my day. Exercising was no longer punishment, but fuel for my slow-growing fire and zest for life.  I began to use my voice, having conversations with my family, friends, coworkers, and even my husband about certain issues and things that were bothering me or grand ideas I had that lit me up inside.

    I stopped avoiding the things that made me uncomfortable and started to face them head on. My confidence started to skyrocket. The potential I saw in myself, my ability, and what my future held, grew. My world and vision expanded so great that I actually stopped laughing at myself and started to take my dreams and goals seriously.

    As a 30-year old today, the word "powerful" really strikes this beautiful chord in me.  When I look down at my Motivate Wrap and read “I am POWERFUL,” it makes me want to say “hell yes, I am!”.

    Power is something that should be embraced. It's a muscle that needs to be exercised at any given opportunity. Power is grace, being decisive, authenticity, being a leader, using your voice, not being afraid to fail, and believing in yourself and your dream more than your own excuses or the opinions of others. I choose to believe we live in an abundant world full of love and opportunity, but I’ve also seen what happens when women don’t stand in their own personal power.

    You don’t need to be loud or bossy. You don’t need brute strength, to play the stock market, have lots of money, be the CEO, have a fancy title, or step on people along the way to your success.

    Your power is unique to you and looks different for everyone. I encourage you to embody this wonderful gift and start embracing yourself as the powerful woman you are and always have been!

    And here at Momentum, we stand behind Molly and offer our encouragement as well. Shop our collection of #beYOUtiful Motivate Wraps, including our limited edition "I am..." Motivate Wraps. Download your free #beYOUtiful sign, and show the world what your power looks like. Tag @momentumjewelry, #momentumjewelry and #beYOUtiful on Instagram so we don't miss it!

    I am important (and so are you). #beYOUtiful

    If there's one thing we strive to implement via our #beYOUtiful campaign, it's that every single one of you is important in your own unique way. Societal expectations bring us down. The comparison trap keeps us from shining. When we let out the power within, we truly make a difference. Today's #beYOUtiful blog post is a repost from last year by Ashley of Every Runner Counts:

    Seven hours, three minutes and 28 seconds.

    As a runner, as someone who participates in the running community, as an activist for everyBODY to be active—I am not fast, but I am fearless.

    When I crossed the finish line of my first marathon, there were two people that I personally knew who were there to cheer me in, along with four volunteers. The finish line arch was still up, but everything else had been taken down and packed up. By mile 13 of that race, I was on my own for water supplies. How do you mentally prepare for that? My answer, you cannot. But you cannot allow that fear to hold you back either.

    Seven hours, 36 minutes and 45 seconds.

    During my second full marathon, I was a little more prepared for being alone—but I ended up leading a pack to the finish. At this race, by mile 17, all of the water stops had been packed up and all of the signage on the course routes had been taken down. I had home court advantage and knew the back end of this course very well. I didn't have time to stress about my own race and how badly my body hurt because I had people relying on me. When we crossed that finish line, it was a totally different experience than my first marathon. I was hugging people that were strangers eight hours earlier. We turned into a family. But once again, coming into the finish line, there was only a timing mat and a lady with a clipboard and a box of medals. No water, no bananas or pretzels. It was disappointing.

    This is why I started Every Runner Counts. Why do ace organizers create such strict cutoff times? Why can't there be a soft start for runners that know they won't win, but want the chance to finish across the same finish line as everyone else? Every Runner Counts is trying to change that, one race at a time.

    We shouldn't fear a finish line, we should feel empowered to enjoy the journey to the start line and understand that our fearlessness will take us to the finish line. Every runner deserves a finish line. Every runner counts. 

    Every runner is important.

    Ashley's efforts with Every Runner Counts inspires us to continue celebrating all of the #beYOUtiful people out there. Her efforts to give everyone the same finish line experience align with our goals of diminishing societal expectations and celebrating our individuality, our unique hopes and dreams and, of course, every body. This is the essence of our #beYOUtiful campaign. Celebrate with us by downloading your own "I am..." sign, and shop our collection of #beYOUtiful Motivate Wraps.

    Cyber Monday: What's YOUR spark? (GIVEAWAY)

    Did you know that all of our products are made by hand? This gives us a lot of freedom to experiment, and to give you the best product we possibly can. So today, for Cyber Monday, we're giving you 25% off your purchase—and everyone who makes a purchase on Cyber Monday will be entered to win their very own custom Motivate Wrap (and a set of TEN to share with your friends). We'll also launch your Motivate Wrap on our website in the new year so that other people can feel inspired by your words, too.

    So what's your motivational phrase or mantra? We think you should wear your words with pride. From the pendant shape to the color of the band itself, if it fits within our character recommendations, we'll make it for you! All you have to do is choose the "CUSTOM" option when you're shopping our selection, set the whole thing up, and we'll create your custom piece of motivational jewelry for you. 

    Side note: We can customize just about any product on our website!

    Or, to enter our Cyber Monday giveaway (remember, the winner's saying will be made into our newest Motivate Wrap), simply make any purchase on our website and we'll add your name to the list of potential winners.

    Don't forget: 25% off all purchases made on our website on Cyber Monday. 

    Some examples of custom jewelry we've made for our customers:

    What's YOUR spark?

    You are fearless. You are powerful. You are worthy. #beYOUtiful

    Oh, #beYOUtiful! You have blown us away with your true selves. Our #beYOUtiful campaign stresses the importance of overcoming self doubt, of listening to your innermost power girl and changing her conversation so that it remains positive and encouraging at all times. We believe that each one of you is a fearless, powerful and worthy individual—and through this campaign, we see that you believe that as well. 

    We see your beauty, we read your signs, and we encourage you to keep encouraging others to believe that they are #beYOUtiful, too. If you haven't read them yet, we encourage you to pour a delicious cup of coffee or tea and read through each one of our #beYOUtiful blog posts from the past few days. You will love what some of our amazing  Ambassadors have to say:

    "I am powerful, so are you." by Amanda Stewart

    "You have unlimited power." by Blair Harter

    "I am important (and so are you)." by Ashley Behnken-Sura

    "Take back your power." by Molly Egan

    "Step into your power." by Nina Caballero

    "I am worthy." by Rachel McCluskey

    "What does it mean to be fearless?" by Jenny Schatzle

    "You are worthy of self-care." by Jess Parker