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    SPARK Blog — Motivate Wrap

    #sharetheSPARK: Marathon Motivation

    April is an exciting month for us here at Momentum. Our #sharetheSPARK movement launched last week, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the way our community is spreading love, motivation and inspiration to those who truly need it. Acts big and small are propelling people everywhere to chase their dreams, to overcome obstacles and (most importantly) to believe in themselves. Today, we'd like to share Tam from Tamarathoner's experience at this year's LA Marathon:

    Marathon running is a test of discipline, endurance, grit and mental toughness. Being a runner for 15 years, I still get nervous on race day. There’s nothing like race prep and the anticipated excitement for the big day. On March 18, 2018, I ran the LA Marathon for the 6th consecutive year and it was my 25th lifetime marathon.

    I made the race a milestone marathon because I love the city of Los Angeles (where I was born and raised) and I love seeing so many friends before, during and after the race. This year, I had the honor of mentoring a new runner.

    Jenniffer and I are both teachers at the same school. I watched Jenniffer transform herself thru fitness and an eating plan. Then she got into running. She asked me for advice when she ran her first 5k. Before the race, I gave her a “You Got This!” Sparklet because I knew she was ready to run the race. She did and loved it.

    After that, Jenniffer shared that she wanted to run her first marathon at LA. I was very excited for her! She had enough time to train and the LA Marathon is a great first time marathon. I knew the journey of training for and running a marathon for the first time would be life changing for Jenniffer, just like it was for me.

    Over the course of her training, we often chatted. I checked in on Jenniffer to see how her training was going. Jenniffer asked me about nutrition, fueling, aches, pains, how to get in all of the runs and more. We ran hill repeats together, too, as the LA Marathon has some good hills in it. I love sharing what I know about marathoning based on my experience. It keeps me motivated and seeing what a new runner goes through helps me remember how far I’ve come. I appreciate all that I’ve learned from marathoning and helping a new runner brings me great joy. I remember all of the advice I got when I was training for my first marathon 15 years ago and I am thankful to all of my runner friends who helped me, encouraged me and cheered me on.

    Jenniffer and I made plans for race weekend. Before we left school for the race expo, I gave Jenniffer a gift—some Motivate Wraps! I gave her sayings that I hoped would keep her going on race day: “believe endure achieve” and “dig deep.” I gave her “26.2” to commemorate the big day.

    We went to the expo together and I helped her navigate the expo with bib pick-up, goodie bag pick-up and the many booths. I messaged her the day before the race to see how she was feeling. She was feeling confident!

    On race morning, we found one another and hung out. I gave her words of encouragement and a big hug. I knew she would do well and finish strong. I couldn’t keep up with her but she texted me when she finished. She did very well! I was so proud! The next day, we celebrated with our students and fresh coconut water!

    I’m so proud of Jenniffer and honored that I got to be a part of her journey. I know the Motivate Wraps were a big part of helping her get to the finish line! Now Jenniffer is a marathoner. There's no turning back now!

    For more inspiring stories like Tam and Jenniferr's, be sure to follow #sharetheSPARK and @momentumjewelry on Instagram! Tag your photos, too. We want to see how you're motivating and inspiring others to believe and achieve their dreams.

    Guest Post: The Smile Contagion

    We like to think that each piece of jewelry we create is really a small beacon of positivity that gives the wearer a reason to hold their head a little higher, to believe in themselves just a little bit more, and...we hope it creates a smile when a smile is needed the most. Today's post from Jennifer Langhans explores the concept of smiling and why, in a world filled with struggle and negativity, it can really be the universal thing that makes us all just a little bit happier:

    "The more positive energy you put out, the more positive energy you'll get back."

    I never dreamed I would begin a blog post by quoting Kanye West, but it's hard to resist. Positive energy sent out into the world returns right back to its creator and continues to amplify and grow. 

    Don't believe me?

    Have you ever noticed how people automatically mimic what you do while talking to them? Itch your nose, your audience will, too. Reach for your hair and your friend will reach up, too. Smile at a stranger and they'll smile back. It happens all the time. When a happy thought or funny memory pops into your head, it makes you smile and then the stranger walking by you is suddenly smiling, too. Your positive energy is contagious—when you surround yourself with positivity, the people around you will feel it, too.

    Still not convinced?I teach group fitness classes on a daily basis. My toughest crowd? Monday morning, 9:30am.

    They're tired from the weekend, they have a huge to-do list, the kids were monsters that morning—most of them roll in on the struggle bus, so I make a very conscious and deliberate effort to smile. I show them I am happy to be there and the stage is set. The vibe in the room changes and they are suddenly smiling back at me, totally ready to work. 

    We have to actively practice positivity. It doesn't always come naturally. Consciously surround yourself with positive souls and the good vibes will influence your life, the environment...even the world. 

    You may be reading this and thinking: Where do I start? How do I go from glass half-empty to glass half-full? I encourage you all to start a Positive Energy Campaign. Yep, it's a thing. Positive Energy Campaigns (PEC) start with you committing to making small daily changes in your thoughts and actions. When you do this, the environment around you will slowly change into something special. You CAN make a difference in someone's life just by radiating positive energy toward them. Your positive thoughts and actions generate positive feelings and you will find that you will attract more positive life experiences.

    Sometimes, we all need a little help getting back on the PEC track. Surrounding yourself with positive images that you can see, hear and read will help keep your mind focused. Create a positive quote wall in your workspace. Wear shirts with positive messages. And of course, Motivate Wraps are amazing reminders, too: "Positive Energy" and "Be Awesome Today" can be constant reminders to send good vibes out into the world.

    Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect in your life. Some days, it can be hard to put on a smile. My "create your own sunshine" Motivate Wrap reminds me to see beyond the struggles and sadness in order to embrace the light and goodness.

    So now it's your turn. Throw your boomerang of positive energy out into the world and watch as your Positive Energy Campaign brings the good vibes back into your life. Go out into the world and be a light for others. Pay that positive energy forward! Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can definitely be spread out. 

    Smiling yet? We are. Shop our entire collection of Motivate Wraps, we're positive you'll find something that makes you smile (if you aren't already).

    Guest Post: Motivate Wraps for New Runners

    If 2018 is the year you decided to start running, we have a Motivate Wrap for you. In fact, we have a few! Sara Sellitto, one of our Momentum Ambassadors, is here today with a list of Motivate Wraps for new runners. 

    If this is the year that starting a healthy lifestyle has landed at the top of your to-do list, then I congratulate you! Making a lifestyle change, big or small, should always be celebrated. I understand first-hand how challenging it can be to change lifelong habits. Motivate Wraps have been there for me through it all—especially through running and fitness.

    If you are new to running, or even if you are getting into fitness for the first time, have one (or more!) go to mantra can be a great motivator through trickier times. Here are some of my favorites that I think are particularly empowering:

    Positive Energy

    Always remember to start your day with positive energy and a positive mindset. It can be as simple as switching "I have to workout today" to "I am so lucky I get to workout today." Flipping my perspective has helped me get to the gym when I wasn't feeling up to it, and it has motivated me through hard workouts when I didn't think I had the energy.

    Be Brave

    Walking into the gym for the first time our singing up to run a distance you've never done can be intimidating. Getting over the fear or uncertainty is the first step. Each time I sign up for a race, I get jittery inside with anticipation. Then I remember to take it one day at a time, put in the work, and enjoy the results that fall into place.

    Stronger Every Day

    While it's great to have big goals, make sure you have smaller goals, too. Then you can measure progress along the way. Increasing the length of your run by time or distance each week is a huge win—and definitely something to be proud of. Don't forget to celebrate the smaller victories along the way toward achieving your big goal.

    Live With Passion

    Make sure you choose an exercise you love. In the beginning of my fitness journey, I chose running because it was fun. It gave me a rush unlike anything I had ever done. A few years ago, I found weightlifting and cycling classes that brought on those same feelings. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you enjoy the activity and you'll likely stick with it longer.

    Never Give Up

    This will be hard sometimes. You will have days that you don't feel motivated, and your workouts will feel harder. You will want to quit, give up and walk away. I promise you—the days you push through it and do the workouts anyway are the days where you'll gain the most strength. Knowing that you stuck with it when it was hard will motivate you the next time things get difficult.

    Now, you tell us! What Motivate Wraps get you through your toughest running workouts? Got any advice for new runners? Share that, too. For more from Sara, be sure to check out SaraLizabethFitness, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    #emPOWERed Women Empower Women

    Here at Momentum, we smile pretty big when our products go out into the world and make a difference. Search #momentumjewelry on Instagram and you'll get picture after picture of our Motivate Wraps inspiring people to rise above the challenges they face. It's an honor to be a part of those journeys, and in some cases, it's our pleasure to partner with those individuals. Today, we'd like to share Rachel Goldman and Michele Gordon's story with you.

    Rachel is a clinical psychologist in New York City and a devoted Momentum Ambassador. She recently partnered with Michele Gordan, creator of Cardio Sweat Party, to create #emPOWERed, an event series and femme community that celebrates the strength of women. When Rachel and Michele presented their event to us and asked for our participation, our answer was a very big "yes."

    Influenced in part by the #metoo movement, #emPOWERed events provide women with the support they need to feel confident. It's an effort to stop women from holding back, because now is the time for women to live their lives as powerfully as they can. So at every #emPOWEREDevent, women come together to celebrate each other through a Cardio Sweat Party class with Michele, and group chats about self-care—but #emPOWERed is quickly turning into so much more. 

    #emPOWERed is now a community of like-minded women who are out in the world doing big things. And yet, they are still making time to do what energizes them and feeds their soul. And that, essentially, is the essence of what we here at Momentum see our followers doing, too.

    Rachel says, "I have seen firsthand the power of women, the power of support, and the power of women in numbers. Together, we can do anything." And we firmly believe in that statement.

    At the start of each event, Rachel and Michelle encourage their participants to make a new friend. Michelle explains that "you never know who you'll meet, and who will understand whatever it is that you're going through...empowered women empower women and we all need support." 

    Another way one can feel inspired and empowered: Daily reminders that create the motivation to continue. And that's our specialty, because when the motivation is on your wrist, it becomes easier to harness inspiration throughout one's day.

    Remember, together...we can do anything. 

    To see what our community is doing with their Motivate Wraps, be sure to follow #momentumjewelry on Instagram. And if you need more inspiration on your wrist, be sure to shop our collection of Motivate Wraps!

    Team Sparkle is running #Boston4Rett...and we want to help!

    Every year, thousands of runners toe the line at the Boston Marathon. This iconic race excites everyone, most especially the participants. Some do it to enjoy the glory of an amazing accomplishment, others do it to check off a bucket list race. And then, some runners participate to raise awareness for the charity of their choice—and that's exactly what all seven members of Team Sparkle are doing.

    Team Sparkle is running the Boston Marathon to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, a terrible disease that traps close to half a million girls in their bodies, leaving them unable to speak, walk or even use their hands. Team Sparkle is running because the girls that suffer from Rett Syndrome cannot. 

    Someday, that could change. With awareness comes research and development in the fight against this disease. Team Sparkle is hoping to raise money as well, and that's where we come in to help: This year, Momentum will donate 25% of the sales of our BOSTON STRONG motivate wrap and foot note to Team Sparkle's fundraiser for Rett Syndrome.  Hurry, while supplies last!

    This partnership is important, and we are already proud of Carlee, Kristen, Kellie, Jolie, Elise, Carrie and Allison for putting in the time and effort it will take to cross that finish line. 

    If you or someone you know is running the Boston Marathon this year, then you need this wrist wrap. If you know someone with Rett Syndrome, then you need this wrist wrap. If you want to help us help Team Sparkle support the efforts to find a cure for Rett Syndrome, then you need this motivate wrap. 

    Order yours today! 

    Follow #TeamSparkle and Momentum on Instagram to keep up with this BOSTON STRONG journey. For more information on Rett Syndrome, or to make additional donations, please visit girlpower2cure.org!