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    SPARK Blog — Company News

    Team Sparkle is running #Boston4Rett...and we want to help!

    Every year, thousands of runners toe the line at the Boston Marathon. This iconic race excites everyone, most especially the participants. Some do it to enjoy the glory of an amazing accomplishment, others do it to check off a bucket list race. And then, some runners participate to raise awareness for the charity of their choice—and that's exactly what all seven members of Team Sparkle are doing.

    Team Sparkle is running the Boston Marathon to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, a terrible disease that traps close to half a million girls in their bodies, leaving them unable to speak, walk or even use their hands. Team Sparkle is running because the girls that suffer from Rett Syndrome cannot. 

    Someday, that could change. With awareness comes research and development in the fight against this disease. Team Sparkle is hoping to raise money as well, and that's where we come in to help: This year, Momentum will donate 25% of the sales of our BOSTON STRONG motivate wrap and foot note to Team Sparkle's fundraiser for Rett Syndrome.  Hurry, while supplies last!

    This partnership is important, and we are already proud of Carlee, Kristen, Kellie, Jolie, Elise, Carrie and Allison for putting in the time and effort it will take to cross that finish line. 

    If you or someone you know is running the Boston Marathon this year, then you need this wrist wrap. If you know someone with Rett Syndrome, then you need this wrist wrap. If you want to help us help Team Sparkle support the efforts to find a cure for Rett Syndrome, then you need this motivate wrap. 

    Order yours today! 

    Follow #TeamSparkle and Momentum on Instagram to keep up with this BOSTON STRONG journey. For more information on Rett Syndrome, or to make additional donations, please visit girlpower2cure.org!

    ZOOMA Gains Momentum and Inspiration Flows

    Have you ever participated in a race series designed exclusively for women? If so, you know that these running events are different in the best way possible. From the starting line through every mile and deep into the after party—the inspiration flows freely. That's why we decided to partner with ZOOMA Women's Race Series.

    ZOOMA believes in creating a community of support. Goals, dreams and aspirations come alive when like-minded individuals help each other out. This, of course, is our philosophy as well—and that's why we joined the ZOOMA team of sponsors. We firmly believe in the power of encouragement and this race series delivers. ZOOMA race weekends are always filled with fun and an incredible amount support as female athletes come together and celebrate each other.

    The 2018 events kick off in Texas on March 10. Sign up for a half marathon, relay, 10K or 5K and you'll get a weekend of activities and events planned to appeal to the female athlete. 

    Sarah Ratzlaff, Director of Events for ZOOMA, says that "ZOOMA races are incredibly fun to run, but there is always a party following the race with massages, mimosas, shopping, live music and more." Add a Welcome Party, Sunrise Yoga and an excellent swag bag, and a ZOOMA race weekend can easily become your next best girls' weekend.

    In addition to the Texas event, other locations include Annapolis, Great Lakes, Cape Cod and Florida. For information on each of these weekends, or to sign up, we encourage you to visit the ZOOMA website. We're already getting excited for all of your awesome race pictures! And we'll be at each event, either at the expo or on the race course (going live on social media, of course). 

    For any and all things ZOOMA + Momentum, be sure to tag yourself with #ZOOMArun and #MomentumJewelry so we can #sharethespark.

    Guest Post: You are inspiring someone, it's true.

    Here at Momentum, inspiration is our thing. It's why we assembled a team of Ambassadors. They are true masters of inspiration, and they spread our message with every Motivate Wrap they wear...and share with others! Sometimes they know how inspiring they are, sometimes they don't even realize it. It is, after all, totally possible to inspire someone without even trying to. We'll let one of our Ambassadors, Tera Busker, explain this to you:

    I was recently scrolling through Instagram and an image of a quote caught my eye. It said "Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring."  As I looked at it, I couldn't help but wonder how many people I've inspired without even realizing it. Think about it! And then, think about how many times you've stepped outside of your own comfort zone, tried something new or pushed yourself to be better because of what you saw another person do.

    The power of being able to knowingly motivate someone with your words and actions is an incredible gift, but when you do it without even realizing it—that's a blessing. By just being you, you've made an impact on another person.

    A few years ago, someone made an impact on me and I"ll never forget it. I was running a half marathon that I swore I'd never run again. All of my experiences with this particular race were awful, but there I was again...running it for the 4th time and questioning everything.

    It was a cold, Spring day and the weather was less than desirable. The race was on a muddy gravel trail, and there was nothing to look at but the path in front of me (and an occasional cow). It was a small race with an out-and-back course. I hit the halfway mark and was done. Completely done. I was over the cold, rain, mud and lack of scenery. I was basically running alone and my shoes were ruined. I literally wanted to cry. Then I picked my head up and saw the ponytail.

    I was so excited to see another runner, so I picked up the pace a bit to catch up with her. As I got closer, it felt like her ponytail was hypnotizing me, and I was able to relax into a good pace. She eventually started to pull away from me, but I was determined to keep up, so I picked up the pace. 

    She pulled away again, and we settled into what felt like a game of cat and mouse. The harder I tried to catch up with her, the faster she ran until we reached the final stretch of the race and were side-by-side. We looked at each other and sprinted to the finish.

    After the finish, I collected myself and approached her. Before I could say anything, she said to me: "That was an amazing race. Thank you so much for pushing me! I could hear you behind me and I tried so hard to stay ahead of you, but you kept coming for me. And to finish right next to you—that was awesome!"

    And here I thought she was inspiring me! I thanked her for the race, and then we had a brief chat. She had been hoping for a PR that day, but wasn't into the race. But once we started running "together," she got her spark back—and so did I.

    Here's the takeaway: There are days when the things you do seem effortless and bring you incredible joy. And there are days when those things feel like a chore and you question everything—but that's when you must be strong because those are the days where you might find yourself inspiring someone to be strong, too.

    If you like to inspire others, we'd like you to consider joining our team of Ambassadors. Applications will be opened on January 19th and 20th! CLICK HERE to fill one out. 

    Look What's New at MomentumJewelry.com!

    Look What's New at MomentumJewelry.com!

    Happy Sunday folks!  

    You notice anything new around here?  I mean, besides our crazy-awesome SPARKlets and that little something we teased on Instagram as maybe, possibly coming soon...

    That's right!  Our fearless leader Amy just took the bow off our shiny, new, streamlined website.  Now you can enjoy faster load times, a more intuitive layout, and easier ordering of the products you've come to know and love from Momentum.  Woo-hoo!

    As part of our new look, we've also added a blog where we can share news, updates, and pull back the curtain on what exactly goes on here at Momentum Jewelry.  Spoiler alert: we have a lot of fun and do a lot of really cool things.

    However, we're also up to something pretty special...

    Over the years, we've heard your stories, seen your pictures, and followed you on social
     media.  We've been truly moved by how our fans go out and tackle adventures, defeat obstacles, and explore new ways to make the world a more wonderful, positive place.  For every one time we've heard about how we've motivated somebody, there have been twice as many times where we've said to ourselves that our fans have motivated us.

    We've always been driven to make a difference and we realize that there are people out there who have the same hopes, dreams, and goals...  And they're totally slaying it.  So now, we want to celebrate you and all the other future-changers we've run into while they've done their part to share the SPARK of inspiration, motivation, and positive-thinking.

    Starting Monday, July 11th we will spend a week highlighting the stories of some of the people who have touched us.

    We firmly believe everybody has a story to share.  Athletes and aspiring athletes who tackle physical challenges.  Parents who look for ways to motivate, inspire, and nurture their children into the next generation of powerful people.  Folks who have overcome injury and illness with strong mentalities and unwavering hope for the future.  People who have become warriors and activists for causes they passionately believe in.  Even those who started a journey with a goal they didn't quite reach, but came away from it with a lesson more powerful than if they'd accomplished that goal they were working so hard to meet.

    We are completely thrilled to have met some glorious people who were kind enough to share with us parts of their lives and journeys and we can't wait to share them with others too.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt you'll be just as inspired by them as we are and we are so excited to be able to help them tell the world that everybody has the potential to lead a life of passion, make a difference, and reach their true potential.

    And, on that note, do you have a story to share or know somebody who's showing us all how it's done?  Please, let us know!  Email me at jerusha@designsthatmoveyou.com or leave a comment below on how we can contact you!

    Everybody have a great week and we can't wait get to know you all in a new way via our blog, social media, and our fancy new site!

    Have fun,