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    SPARK Blog — Company News

    This Is Your Moment: The Fall 2018 Motivate Wrap Collection

    We spend so much of our time focusing on other people—that's not a bad thing, but there is one person that needs your attention, maybe even more than anyone else. Who? It's you. And our new Fall Collection of Motivate Wraps is here to remind you of that fact. 

    It's time to get up and go.

    Today is your day. 

    Make it about progress over perfection. 

    Why? Because you're so worth it. And you deserve it. Also, because we're here to believe in you, too. Every single Motivate Wrap we create is made with lightweight, non-tarnishing materials and a healthy dose of inspiration—stay tuned, our Ambassadors will be featuring these new Motivate Wraps on Instagram. Follow @momentumjewelry and #momentumjewelry to keep up with the fun (and possibly some giveaways, too)!

    Plus, we've got a great lineup of blog posts coming your way. 

    This is your moment. We feel it. Do you?


    It's National Running Day!

    It's here! It's here! Today is National Running Day, and we couldn't be more excited about it. In case you haven't heard, all of our running-themed Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes are currently on sale—but that sale ends tonight at Midnight, so take advantage of it now and stock up on some motivational running jewelry. Those long runs can be very hard, and we want to help you get through them one step at a time.

    To celebrate National Running Day, our special sale, and certainly the power of running, we've been sharing inspirational running stories from our Ambassadors here on our SPARK Blog for the past two weeks. We encourage you to check each of those posts out, if you haven't done so already:

    "Worry less, run more. And that's how I learned first-hand the importance of self care." Jama. Worry Less, Run More.

    "During long months of not running, I learned some valuable lessons. I learned how to survive (and thrive) and make the best of a running injury." Janelle, How to Survive a Running Injury

    "When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart." Heather, Running with Heart (and your mom and sister)

    "There is something innately wonderful about seeing a close friend achieve a goal right alongside you." Kathryn, 10 Reasons Why You Should Run with Friends

    Sale ends tonight at Midnight, CST. Happy Running Day!


    "Positive Energy" and The Positivity Charge: An Epic Wellness Retreat

    On June 9th, Parish Smith and Dr. Rubina Tahir are heading to Philadelphia to host The Positivity Charge: An epic day of wellness that aims to fuel healthy practices, to inspire and empower—all with a full dose of positivity. This year, Momentum will be there as well! Any wellness event that brings together like-minded individuals in order to cultivate healthier self care is a wellness event that aligns with our core beliefs.

    All attendees will receive a "Positive Energy" Motivate Wrap. We believe this saying highlights the theme of The Positivity Charge, which Smith and Tahir created in response to their own positive journeys to better health and wellness. This epic one-day event that will be headlined by internationally recognized yoga teacher and award-winning Instagram star Jessamyn Stanley. Additional speakers and events will target topics like heath, wellness, food, creativity and business.

    "It's live, it's real, it challenges you to grow and overcome your fears," said Dr. Rubina Tahir. We like to think our products do that, too! Especially the "Positive Energy" Motivate Wrap. 

    According to Smith and Tahir, research consistently shows that positive thinkers are better at building skills, boosting health, and improving work out comes. "The Positivity Charge is designed to inspire a better version of you. All of the workshops, workouts, and speakers are aimed to help you awaken your inner positive self," said Smith. 

    Sound familiar? At Momentum, our mission is to inspire and motivate people to live more active and healthy lives. Our hope for every piece we create is that it will ultimately help someone feel strong, confident, happy and fearless in the pursuit of their dreams. 

    And we firmly believe that everyone can benefit from a little bit of encouragement. That's why we can't wait to soak up The Positivity Charge in June. 

    Are you going? Come find us, we'll give you the opportunity to hand stamp your very own piece of Momentum Jewelry. Want more information about the retreat? Visit their website, and follow @thepositivitycharge (and @momentumjewelry!) on Instagram.

    Supporting Women and Girls: A Partnership FOHER

    Wouldn't it be amazing if every woman and girl believed in themselves? That's what FOHER wants—and that's what we here at Momentum want, too. Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with this wonderful company. FOHER's philosophy is simple: Support women and girls. Truly, it's that simple.

    FOHER is a family run, wholly Australian owned business that ethically produces multisport clothing for female athletes worldwide. Each FOHER garment is unique in its construction, and takes on it's own personality. Just like all of the athletes that wear it. This, of course, lines up with our jewelry, too.

    We believe that our customers are unique and powerful individuals, and every mantra we put on a Motivate Wrap or Foot Note speaks to their own personal journey. We make our jewelry for you, for her... 


    "When you slip on a FOHER suit, you join our global team of FOHETTES fueling their tri-fire around the planet. Ladies who are taking their first step, maybe just like you. Or ladies looking for that edge int their performance, just like you!"

    "When you pass another FOHETTE on the course, smash her a high five and yell some support! That's what FOHER is all about—creating a community of women that genuinely care about and support each other whilst on their journey to a long, active, fit and healthy lifestyle." 

    Sound familiar? 

    Between our Momentum Ambassadors and the Official FOHETTES, an unbelievable amount of heart, passion and strength is making its way around the world. From Australia to the United States and everywhere in between, our joint message is going worldwide. 

    Join the fun? Visit FOHER for the latest in triathlon and cycling gear created just for women, then top off your race kit with a Motivate Wrap and some Foot Notes. 

    And then, let your inspiration flow through you and back out into the world.

    Your Journey Awaits: The Spring 2018 Motivate Wrap Collection

    Spring is upon us! This bright time of year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, and we are ready. Our newest collection of Motivate Wraps launches today, and it's all about starting fresh. It's about intention, possibility and living your dream. With four bright colors and five quotes to choose from, we are confident this collection with launch you into whatever journey awaits you.

    Training for a Spring or Summer race? "Worry less, run more." Tackling a big life change? "Follow your bliss" because "adventure awaits." Just remember, you must always "choose kind."

    Shop the new Motivate Wraps now, then head over to Instagram where a number of our Momentum Ambassadors are sharing their favorites. What will yours be?